Prototype Airsoft Trip Mine.





Introduction: Prototype Airsoft Trip Mine.

The airsoft land mine I bought was a pitiful waste of $50. The self proclaimed "loud boom followed by a large blast of powder" was a tiny pop and half inch high puff. Enemies didn't even notice that they triggered it. This is the prototype version of my trip mine. It throws BBs about twenty-eight feet and baking soda about five. It is spring powered and acts like a piston; the spring is attached (by a washer and screw) to a plug. To operate, place the spring mechanism inside the pipe. Push it down with a plunger and lock the plug in place with the pin. As soon as I finish the final version I will post an Instructable.



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    i have never thought of that... that is frickin smart!

    in the second to last photo...Where The heck is it?!?!

    You should add a 45 degree elbow to the top. ?

    i made 1 of these and hid it on my desk now if some 1 comes in my room...BANG!!! XD

    what is XD ???????????

    its like :) if you type it in yahoo chat it makes and emot

    okay thanks ive seen lots of people say this


    I am so going to make this when i get some pvc pipe. looks so realistic with the camouflage its awesome.

    great idea! but i already made one except mine has a 45 degree pvc connector at the top to help direct it

    why cant u use a ruberband holoow out a pen use the ink stick atach it to a ruber band and when you step on it a jet stream of bbs coming at you but nice idiea but mine is more compact but what i tested and a really good spring agnist my mine it has a 75% chance of hiting the target a ruberband is doing that and youre ideia 25% chance