Prototype Candle





Introduction: Prototype Candle

This is a prototype product i made for innovate class. This product is a candle with a readily available matchsticks and the brown thingy where you strike your match sticks to make them light. how did i do it you might ask? well here is a step by step detail:

1. Find a candle(must be a bit big and wide)

2. Prepare scissors, glue/paste or even double sided tape, and small screw driver or philips

3. Get a match box and cut the brown thing, also get at least two matchsticks

4. Drill the sides of the candle using the philips or screw driver until all of the head of the matchsticks are completely hidden. (I only recommended drilling two holes, you may drill more if you want to)

5. Use paste/glue or double sided tape to stick the brown thing to the candle (choose location)

6. Let the glue/paste dry

7. Insert the matchsticks

8.Your done!

Step 1: Normal Looking Candle

normal looking candle

Step 2: Top View

Top view of candle

Step 3: Finished Product

This is what the finish product looks like after doing all the steps :)



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    a bit simple, would be better if you could put some sand paper in the hole so that the matches lit wen you pulled them out of the candle

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    Oh sorry, didn't read your comment first, always had that idea but never tried think i will now

    May i surgest that if your going to this much effort, why not cut the brown thing up and glue it inside the holes so when you take a match out you light it. -Cheers, Chris

    A few construction shots would have been helpful, as well as a description of intended use (and market, if it's for an innovate class).

    hello to all!

    this is a school project currently still under construction.. sorry for the crappy pictures which was taken from a classmate's cellphone.

    will fix this instructable when i have time... my thanks for the comments guys!

    thanks pyelitegamerro76 for somewhat explaining :)

    thanks also to GorillazMiko!

    he added 2 matches and a striker to the candle so it is easier to light the candle

    i get it

    He glued sandpaper to a candle. A detailed write-up could only make this more painfully terrible.

    Make this into a slideshow, or explain how it was made.

    ?????? explain