Prototype Clothes Peg Toy



Introduction: Prototype Clothes Peg Toy

The idea is a clothes peg that clips together - then when it's not in use kids can clip them together to build stuff.
The design was modeled in Autodesk Inventor & a negative of the mold made using the stp output - this can be seen in the video.
A mold was made using a two pack rubber & prototype pegs with resin (both from Amazon).

The dream was for 100 000's to be made so kids could have a cheap toy which would never find the dustbin as it could also be used as a peg. 

So far the invention is a non starter - pegs & toy don't mix. I'd love to hear different on the quirky posting ( this expires 2nd March 2012 & you will need to sign in to comment & vote)



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