Step 4: The Build

The Build:
  1. First you mark out two 1200mm diameter circles on the sheet of MDF. On one of the circles mark another circle inside of it with a diameter of about 1050mm. Cut these out with the jigsaw leaving you one full circle and another ring. Also cut out a small disc about 150mm round (to be used in step 5).
  2. Use the hole-saw to cut a 50mm hole about 150mm in from the outside edge. This will be for the air to come in.
  3. Lay the tarpaulin down on the ground and sit the ring in the middle of it. Fold the tarpaulin over the top of the ring and start stapling it on. Make sure you keep it taut! Once finished, cut off any extra tarpaulin, keeping to the inside diameter of the ring as a guide for the fold over width.
  4. Lay the other circle on top of the ring, with the staple-side up. Now screw the two pieces together, keeping about 30mm in from the outside and space the screws about 200mm apart. Thus trapping the stapled side between the two circles.
  5. Flip it over with the tarpaulin side up and screw the small 150mm disk (from step 1) into the centre, trapping the tarpaulin between it and the wood. Cut about six 25mm holes out about 50mm from the central disc.
  6. Flip it back over and screw the flange in over the hole in the top you drilled earlier.
  7. Get your blower and fit the nozzle into the flange hole. You can use the tape to fix it there.
Now it's all ready to turn on and test it out.
Keep your weight over the center and use a flat surface to ride it on. Enjoy.
pepetito2 years ago
how did you cut that mdf
what blower did you use