Prototype Inspection Rover





Introduction: Prototype Inspection Rover

In my line of work I spend a lot of time under mobile homes doing repair work. I thought it would be handy to have a camera I could send in to find the problem and maybe save a few extra trips under!

Step 1: First Thing to Do Was Make a Stable Platform.

I had some old rc car parts laying around so I started with 2 Tekno SCT 410's.

Step 2: Modification

The chassis were stripped and I modified, cut, stretched, and welded a new chassis with dual front ends.

Step 3: Functional Steering, Main Beam

The next step was to get it moving!

Step 1: I installed the main beam between the 2 shock towers.

Step 2: I modified and installed the 2 servo brackets for the steering

Parts Used

(1) 585458 Actobotics 15" aluminum channel (modified)

(1) 585470 Actobotics 90 degree dual side mount A (pair)

(2) 575148 Actobotics standard servo plate D (modified)

Step 4: Lift Arm

The next step was to create the lift arm for the camera

Step 1: I installed a servo gear box at the rear base

Parts Used

(1) SPG400A-CM-CR7 Actobotics channel mount servo gear box

(1) 585444 Actobotics 4.5" aluminum channel (Modified)

(1) 584494 Actobotics 90 degree hub mount bracket

(1) Radio Shack 1.5kpotentiometer

(1) 585580 Actobotics flat triple bracket (receiver mount)

Step 2: I made the arm with bracing and attached to gear box.

Parts Used

(1) 585456 Actobotics 13.5" aluminum channel (modified)

(3) 545360 Actobotics 90 degree quad hub mount C

Step 3: I Made a battery box

Parts Used

(2) 585440 Actobotics 1.5" aluminum channel

(2) 545360 Actobotics 90 degree quad hub mount C

Step 5: Pan Tilt System

The next step was to create the pan tilt system

Step 1: I installed the top lift servo on the arm (keeps the camera system level with the base)

Parts Used

(1) 575144 Actobotics standard servo plate C

(1) 637110 Actobotics standard Hitec servoblocks

(1) 585422 Actobotics flat dual channel bracket

(1) 575124 Actobotics standard servo plate B

Step 2: Pan Tilt system

Parts used

(2) 525124 Actobotics Hitec lightweight servo hub

(1) 585584 Actobotics flat bracket B

(1) 585468 Actobotics flat single channel bracket

(1) 575144 Actoboticsstandard servo plate C 9modified)

Step 6: ​The Final Result Is a Good Stable Machine That Will Go Pretty Much Anywhere I Need It To!!!

Electronics used

6 Hitec servos

Futaba 8 FG Super Radio

10 channel receiver

Castle Creations Mamba Monster Xtreme

Tekin Pro 4 3300kv motor

Castle Creations BEC

Radio controlled switch

GoPro Hero 4 Session Camera


It takes a good deal of servo and radio programming to get it all to work, especially the 2 wheel, 4wheel, and crab walk steering!



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    Hey tony, could you send me another link for the website because the link no longer works. Thanks!

    1 reply

    I can custom build one for you, I also have a tracked tank the I developed. I no longer have them on a website, strictly build to order. You can contact me at for mor info. Thanks

    What kind of wheels are you running

    For all those that are interested we finally have a production model for sale. You can find it here . If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    Hey all,

    Just to give you an update, I have been steadily working on a complete new design and hope to have a sellable version in the next few weeks. It takes a lot of work to prototype and get everything working to my satisfaction. I will keep you posted.

    Feel free to contact me

    Hey tonyandjony when can you sell the rovers?
    Are you ready?
    Email me at

    I want to ask if you bought separately the metallic gear that you attach to the servo at the gearbox or it is included with the gearbox? Also what ratio did you use at the gearbox?

    Neat! I actually work with these for a living. You should consider adding a third axle in the center to prevent high centering. Check out the Rovver online

    You should FPV this that way you could actually see whats under with no issues

    I wonder if you might consider some sort of SLAM or PTAM type mapping function for your rover???


    What about going with tracks?


    What about going with tracks?

    We need to see a video of how well it performs! Let's see that "Robot's Eye View" video!

    If you added a teensy arduino and an accelerometer, you can achieve automatic camera stabilization, environmental scanning, and other things. Good use of the resources you have.

    This would be even more awesome if you added a video transmitter and a pair of Fatshark goggles or a FPV moniter like the Black Pearl!

    Awesome project!

    This is really quite good. It would be really nice to see some of the radio transmitter and what you have to do to make it do it's "tricks". Very interested in this project.

    Awesome way to make a remote camera. I have been wanting to make something similar to inspect my crawlspace so that I don't have to crawl around in the dirt under my house.