Picture of Prototype Knex Grenade Launcher
ThIs gun is finished...but the firing mechanism sucks....I would really appreciate it if someone could build this model, and modify the firing mechanism...I am willing to collaborate. other than that, this gun really looks promising, the grenade design is perfectly designed to fit in the barrel. I will show you how to make each individual piece afteri get them modification, or when I have time. as you can see, this is a really long instructable...but each step goes straight from the last, and the pictures are really clear.
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Step 1: The Barrel

Picture of the Barrel
you need 4 red connector, 4 yellow connectors, and 8 little green rods.make a square using the connectors, yellow ones facing out of the circle and put two green rods on each yellow as shown.

Step 2: The Barrel Cont'd

Picture of The Barrel Cont'd
You will need 12 of these.just two green connectors attached by a white rod.

Step 3: The Barrel Cont'd

Picture of The Barrel Cont'd
you need 4 long orange roods. attach a orange rod in the center of each yellow connector.then attach the greens as shown,one on top of the next one.

Step 4: The Barrel con't

Picture of The Barrel con't
do the same thing you did with the first four greens, with the last 8, be sure to space them out a little.

Step 5: The Barrel Cont'd

Picture of The Barrel Cont'd
this is one of the parts that needs to be modified,but...where ever theres a green connector hole,place a yellow rod through it with a single grey connector attached to its side...this only applies to the first two rows.

Step 6: The Barrel Cont'd

Picture of The Barrel Cont'd
next...add two single grey connector to each orange rod and put the yellow rod through the holes of the grey connector.

Step 7: The Firing pin...ugh...

Picture of The Firing pin...ugh...
this needs lots of modifications...just a simple red rod with a orange connector on the side and end (does not need to be broken)

Step 8: The Firing Mechanism

Picture of the Firing Mechanism
Also needs modifications, its a simple block trigger.two red rods,and you can use all white snowflakes, i just ran out of them.and an orange connector with a blue rod on it.
does it shoot grenade?
dansdoc3 years ago
this was my idea!
p.s really good!
bfhben3 years ago
try it without exploding then modify it to explode splodies or elastic bands or somthing
swasby5 years ago
very nice
awsome (author)  swasby5 years ago
thanks...still trying to perfect it
you typed it wrong it should be; next ***TO*** make this piece you need 2 wierd purple connectors, and 6 of the blue ones, if you have a better way of connecting them, be my guest...; not this; next make this piece you need 2 wierd purple connectors, and 6 of the blue ones, if you have a better way of connecting them, be my guest...; (:P)
mecmac976 years ago
how long in centimetres are the rods?
mrpowerful6 years ago
  • * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * I MADE A WORKING GRENADE LAUNCHER WHICH I'LL POST ONCE I FIND MY DIGITAL CAMERA * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
mrpowerful6 years ago
finally!!!! an actual grenade launcher. I was working on one too... i migh post it, but i can't get the trigger to work out. Is harder than it looks..
if its a tue trigger dohnt bother just use a simple trigger like putting a orange connecter in where you cock back the gun then it will work
awsome (author)  mrpowerful6 years ago
well yae...it would actually launch a grenade...but like i said it need some mods
awsome (author)  awsome6 years ago
i meant yea...
DJ Radio6 years ago
Make a true trigger. I wont rate this until you do, or if you can prove that it is impossible to make one here
awsome (author) 6 years ago
sorry about all the steps, but i really need help...i will shorten it once i have the modifications
pls awsome6 years ago
Probably would be a goo idea :D Awesome idea!
awsome (author)  pls6 years ago
thanks, any ideas?
pls awsome6 years ago
awsome (author)  pls6 years ago
like, how to make it better
pls awsome6 years ago
idk :D
Bartboy6 years ago