Prototype Special Paper Airplane



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Introduction: Prototype Special Paper Airplane

This instructable will teach you how to make the Prototype Special Paper Airplane.

Step 1: 1

Start with a regular piece of paper.

Step 2: 2

Fold the piece of paper in half lengthwise.

Step 3: 3

Fold one corner on each side so it touches the first fold.

Step 4: 4

With a normal paper airplane you would fold it again to the outside, but now you fold it to the inside.

Step 5: 5

Fold to the outside, this will give it a 3 teared apperance.

Step 6: 6

When the airplane seems finished open it up and fold the nose inward.

Step 7: 7

Tear or cut the bottom of the paper airplane at the back and push the section up to form a fin.

Step 8: 8

You are done making the Prototype Special Paper Airplane.



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    Interesting but cool. I made mine have 4 wings(vertical stabilizer not one). l=vertical

    "teared" is spelled tiered. If anything, "teared" looks like teared meaning torn. Just fyi.

    That is NOT an ordinary piece of paper.

    "Oragomi" is spelled origami fyi

    Are you shure? Because if you look carfully the airplane has 3 layers and is folded different than the standard paper airplane. TY for the heads up

    1 reply

    Yeah I think this is the design that I use. It's a good way to make them though, and I'm not sure everyone knows about it. Hopefully some people will learn from this -ible.