Protype for a Bat Detector Using SparkCore and Internet Button





Introduction: Protype for a Bat Detector Using SparkCore and Internet Button

In this instructable I describe the first step of my project: an automatic bat scanner and logger connected to the internet cloud.

The first step is to create a bar graph that resets after a while - indicating bat activities. We'll set up the Spark Core to count button presses and display them on the SparkButton LED bar graph.

I assume you are already familiar with the Spark Core, programming Arduino, etc.

This instructable was created during the Instructable build night at the dorkbot meeting Aachen.

What you will need:

  • a Spark Core connected to the Spark Cloud
  • a Spark Core internet button v1.0
  • an account on the Spark web

Not part of this tutorial yet:

  • Bat detector itself

Step 1: Get the Code and Load It

  • open the Spark web IDE
  • create a new app "proto1"
  • copy the code of the attached file into the web IDE
  • add library "SparkButton"
  • compile and flash to the Spark Core

Step 2: Test It

  • start up the core -> the LED stripe blinks and goes blank again
  • now press button 1 a couple of times -> the LED bar lights up more and more
  • the bar is cleared every 10 seconds, then you can start over again



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Very interesting! looks neat, but I think I would need some more instructions, etc. Before I attempted it. Perhaps a Parts List, etc.?


Besides the missing detector the ring is one single item comprising the ring with LEDs (neopixel), some sensors and the core itself.

Hence the author's list is complete.