The lady of the house spied a nice piece at a furniture store - named providore - it looked provincial and would fit our décor - But it was a little bit too tall, and definitely too expensive at @$750. 

Disheartened we went to IKEA ant though about hacking one of theirs to get the piece that we wanted. Lo and behold we came across a three drawer bedroom chest that looked like it had the chops, but @ $200 it was still on the expensive side - especially as we were going to hack it (it has come down in price since then and is now about $140).

So on the off chance we went to the AS IS section of IKEA - where all the broken, damaged and demoed pieces end up. And there was our chest of drawers set. for less than a hundred with the only damage being the top which we were going to replace anyway.

Note: I am not a carpenter and did badly in high school woodwork, I made lots of mistakes with this and probably did things wrong - but I made it so that's really all that matters.

Step 1: Going Topless

So first things first - the cracked top had to be removed and a pine board was put on. We went to our local Bunnings and they cut it to size for us for free. We used food safe oil and stain to oil it so we could in the future use it for food preparation.

The old one was just screwed on so it came off  the new one was placed on top and well we just ran some pilot holes and screwed it on.


<p>I did great in woodshop and have worked for three different builders and for a finnish carpenter; your hack looks Great. Plus it was your own idea, if anyone says they can do better, tell them to prove it......then tell them their opinion doesn't really matter to you. I hope your wife loves it and you have it for many years. Good Job.</p>
Very nice hack. I love it when a plan comes together.
Thanks Hannibal - There were a few hiccups on the way and there are still a few tweaks to do, but overall very happy with the result.
Oh, I really like that! So much cuter than it was before :D
Thanks - It was a great learning experience as well.

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