Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding.  In this project, with a little help from an Arduino, you can bring your origami into the 21st century and make it an interactive art!

The result shown here uses Bare Conductive paint to give an origami flower proximity sensing powers.  When you put your hand close by, it triggers a small vibrating motor, and the flower wiggles around to say "hello!".

Submitted by Ace Monster Toys Hackerspace in Oakland, CA for the Instructables Sponsorship Program

Step 1: Tools & Materials

Let's get started by gathering the necessary materials:
  • Origami Paper (or printer paper cut into a square)
  • Wire Stripper
  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Paper clip
  • copper wire
  • electronics prototyping breadboard
  • arduino board and arduino sketch software
  • Capacitive Sensing arduino library (from here)
  • small vibrating motor as from a cell phone battery
  • Several 10M Ohm resistors
  • Bare Conductive paint
  • paint brush
  • computer for loading code onto Arduino (not shown)
  • Attached Arduino sketch (rename from ProxFlower.ino.txt to ProxFlower.ino)
  • OPTIONAL: for more flower flair, add connect an LED in addition or instead of the motor
<p>Amazing project.. I would love to know what tips you have to share before starting this project. Thanks!</p>
Great project and very clearly documented!

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Bio: art/tech/craft hacker and member of Ace Monster Toys hackerspace in Oakland, CA
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