Step 8: Adding Friends and Code

Picture of Adding Friends and Code
After you have completed one patch and square, simply add another, and another, and another.  For more and more, you will need more and more XBee Boards, more lights, more patches, more LilyPads, more pocket squares and more friends!

Lastly, I have attached the code I used for the project.  As always, lots of improvements can be made and hopefully I will get around to it tomorrow or the next day.
Sulaiman894 years ago
Wow that was a lot more complicated than it looks, impressive! What's the total price for each set and the individual prices for each part? Thanks
quasiben (author)  Sulaiman894 years ago
LilyPad Simple Board: $20 Lilypad LED x4: $4 XBee: $19 Custom XBee Board: $12 Pocket Square: $5-65 (depending on material) Total: $65 per Pocket Square (Assuming a $10 pocket square)