I love Halloween. It is my favorite day of the year easily. Free candy and costuming; how could this get any better?! And no holiday better sums up DIY than halloween :) 

This ible will show you how to make your pumpkin carving a bit more interactive. By adding a IR distance sensor along with a couple of LEDs and a buzzer (all of which are optional) you can turn your carving into something way cooler.

Step 1: Materials

First off, you will need a pumpkin (duh) and all the pumkin carving tools as normal. The rest of the materials are all electronic parts that you can order easily or may even have (depending on what type of robot you are), so you will also need a soldering iron. 

  • 1 Red LED (as bright as possible, >15000mcd)
  • 1 Amber LED (>15000mcd)
  • 2   220 ohm Resistor
  • ATtiny85
  • Buzzer / Speaker
  • Switch
  • 3 AA batteries + holder
  • 2N2222  NPN transistor
  • 10 uF electrolytic capacitor
  • wire

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