Step 2:

Ok get that mouse out.

First remove the plastic rubber stoppers from the bottom and unscrew all 4 screws. easy peasy.

Once they are unscrewed it should come apart relatively easily, just pull it apart like you're checking to see if you forget butter on your sandwich. Shuttup, my analogies are amazing. Ok, moving on.

awesome meter: [ =======-------]
great job man
This is a great idea! <br> <br>If you wanted to make it smaller (and cheaper), you should be able to do this with an ATTiny85 - only 8 pins and no crystal required but can be programmed in the Arduino IDE. You would need to run the software serial sketch on the '85 'cos it doesn't have a hardware serial port but I have read that that works and it still leaves you with 2 spare IO pins! <br> <br>Ugi
I was just thinking about doing this because I want to use my nano for other projects. Maybe I will do this for a version 2.0 :) any links to how to use usb with attiny85? I have never tried this.
You use a CP2102 based USB to TTL adapter - like this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/251159428933 <br> <br>That sets up your USB as a virtual COM port and you connect the adapter to the software RX &amp; TX of the '85. An '85 is about 50p from mouser and a CP2102 is less than &pound;2 on e-bay. See my &quot;throwduino&quot; instructable for ideas on programing the '85 - you can't program it by serial but you can use the software serial to send &amp; receive data once it's running. <br> <br>Ugi
really cool idea! the video seems to be not working though
hmm I fixed it earlier. it should be working now.

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