Introduction: Prune Bouquet

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Everyone has seen those wonderful candy bouquets, this project takes it to another level. An "Over-the-Hill" Birthday party needs a centerpiece- well, this is it!

Step 1: Prunes and Prune Juice

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Do you know someone who is about to turn fifty years old? Can they take a joke? Well, here you go! This is the perfect "Over-the-Hill" gag gift for them. It only takes about an hour or so to make and gets loads of laughs!

Step 2: Supplies

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You will need:

5" Styrofoam ball (cut in half)

piece of fabric, cut into a 10" circle

48 oz bottle of prune juice

12 oz package of individually wrapped prunes

glue gun and glue sticks

curling ribbon

measuring tape


sharp knife

Step 3: Styrofoam

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Using the sharp knife, carefully cut the Styrofoam ball in half. Heat the glue gun on low. Cover one half of styrofoam ball with the fabric circle.

Carve out a circle, about 1/2" deep, in the center of the flat side of Styrofoam. (the size of the lid on the prune juice bottle.)

Step 4: Curling Ribbon

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Cut several pieces of curling ribbon about 12" long and curl with the blade of the scissors. I used black and white but any color combination will work.

Step 5: Glue Foam to Bottle

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Place a nickel sized amount of hot glue on top of the juice bottle. Quickly place the foam onto the lid and press.

Step 6: Glue Prunes Onto Foam

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Starting at the bottom edge of the foam, glue the individually wrapped prunes around the bottom edge of foam. With your glue gun on low-temp, place a small amount of hot glue onto the bottom edge of fabric covered foam. Press the top sealed side of a wrapped prune onto the foam. Press until glue dries, about 10 seconds. Glue a piece of curled ribbon onto the foam in between each wrapped prune. Glue the next layer around the foam about 1/2" above the first row. Glue more curled ribbon onto foam. Continue to glue the prunes and ribbon onto the foam. Make a bow with several long pieces of ribbon. Glue the bow onto the top of the foam.

Step 7: Finished Product

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The prunes can really be eaten, just cut the bottom seal off and a prune will slide right out of the packaging!


elewis03 (author)2014-06-18

What a great idea!

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