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Introduction: Ps3 Game and Controler Holder

This Instructable Is for Messy people Like me to get the space around there PS3 looking ALL THAT MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: The Base for the Controllers

This Step is just the base for the controllers.

Step 2: The Game Holder

This Is for your games its kinda hard to see maybe so if you have any questions go ahead and ask away.

Step 3: Connect the Two

Connect the Game and Controller holders together I hope my picture shows enough so you know how.After this step you are done if you only have two remotes if you have three or four continue.

Step 4: Continue on the Controller Rack

This is easy to do its just the continuation.

Step 5: Your Finished

You are now Finished but don't forget to comment and rate its my first instructable.



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    can you make it bigger?

    can you break this into easier steps

    1 reply

    dude? lego starwars?

    Cool, really useful dude :)

    Hey whats your LBP username???

    Everything is art, in it's own way!

    Pretty neat! 4*s!