Pseudo Psub


Introduction: Pseudo Psub

Jonathon Wiggins
Oregon, USA



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    Video Broken. Ible should be removed or fixed. Waste of time being up right now.

    2 replies

    I wish I could delete it. I get "ERROR 401: delete this Instructable, as it is entered in at least one Contest."

    Would be great if you can fix the video. Is the Ible for this?

    Did anyone come up with a solution for the problem with the download not working?

    Thanks! I finally figured out how to use my imagination ;} ! Since the video does not exist...

    1 reply

    well i would b very interested in this ible,but cant seem to get the video to play....hmmm. looks like a great idea though,.

    That looks pretty neat... What kinda skill level are we talking here when building?

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    Basic woodworking and fiberglass skills would be all. All electronics on engines and ballasts will be done through an Arduino that would have the code available. I was thinking to using basic USB joysticks that anyone could get off the shelf for controls.

    Trying to make it off the shelf as possible...