Psycho-Delic Milk





Introduction: Psycho-Delic Milk

The old color changing milk trick amped up with Florescent Inks from highlighters! Toss in a blacklight (OK.. not literally, but hold it above) and REALLY see a show! This is a great experiment to show your kids... or for the kid in you. Groovy man!

KEY TO THE TRICK: Heat the milk! The hotter, the faster the reaction when you add the drop or two of dishwashing liquid!



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Pretty Pretty Shiny Shiny  *o* 

i know. there sooo pretty! must, drink! ahaoq! i fell funny. i think im poisend. i cnt sii gd. i si te l dodo couldnt complete this sentence. he died. im his brother.

Whoaaa the colors, they're changing!! You must try it dude!!

like, wow. Dude, try smokeing pot and watching this...

You mean smoke sticky salvia mint plant instead, its legal.

Just kidding I hope I didnt offend any one

wouldn't it be less rottening to use a cornstarch or other powder to make water white with it, instead of milk.

It would be a really good idea to make sure you are using food grade markers...

...well, don't drink it. not a lot of people out there have common sense...