Psycho-Delic Milk





Introduction: Psycho-Delic Milk

About: I've had many different jobs in my life, but I've discovered my passion: Mental Health Counseling. However, that doesn't keep me from still being a technogeek!

The old color changing milk trick amped up with Florescent Inks from highlighters! Toss in a blacklight (OK.. not literally, but hold it above) and REALLY see a show! This is a great experiment to show your kids... or for the kid in you. Groovy man!

KEY TO THE TRICK: Heat the milk! The hotter, the faster the reaction when you add the drop or two of dishwashing liquid!



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    Pretty Pretty Shiny Shiny  *o* 

    i know. there sooo pretty! must, drink! ahaoq! i fell funny. i think im poisend. i cnt sii gd. i si te l dodo couldnt complete this sentence. he died. im his brother.

    1 reply

    Whoaaa the colors, they're changing!! You must try it dude!!

    like, wow. Dude, try smokeing pot and watching this...

    2 replies

    You mean smoke sticky salvia mint plant instead, its legal.

    Just kidding I hope I didnt offend any one

    wouldn't it be less rottening to use a cornstarch or other powder to make water white with it, instead of milk.

    It would be a really good idea to make sure you are using food grade markers...

    ...well, don't drink it. not a lot of people out there have common sense...

    Containers filled with unknown glowing fluid make people think it should be in a mad science's lab. And I guess mad science is strongly related to steampunk, some how...


    meh i would leave it out but whatever :/

    Ooohhhhhhh... that makes sense, I suppose.

    head full of acid......... quote by"dr. Gonzo" obscure? where's my Iron Butterfly 8-track....

    That can actually have some practical uses. Imagine the special effects you could pull for filmmaking.

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    I didn't even think of that! I'm a dork! lol ;)