PsychoCurtains's New Huge Crossbow (slideshow)


Introduction: PsychoCurtains's New Huge Crossbow (slideshow)

Hey Guys this is my new crossbow (if you can call it that)
It's untested as i do not have elastics and there is to much snow to be able to test it outside yet and the trigger mech is still in production.
I think it is one of the largest crossbows on this site.
If enough people would like me to post then i will.



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    The crossbow itself looks pretty amazing but the pictures of it are always either s***ty quality or contain your cat (lol picture #10). If you post the crossbow instructions, though, I bet someone would fix it up.

    5* and fav.  !

    GREAT! i love crossbows ..
    always big and powerfull ! 

    good job mate ! 

    first its a him second not kill but mortally wound
    ive loaded all the elastics and it can take more than 12 strings of 8 making a huge 96 elastic bands