We all know those perfect flexible swing arm desk lights. For years it seems the best solution to get good light on my working surface. But lately I noticed its a bit outdated and all too familiar. It's "so 1980's". Its time for a new twist. So I transformed it in a "Pterodactrylus Desk light". Just as versatile, just as useful. But in daytime as well as at night a lot more fun to look at. Costs almost nothing, work about an hour. Fun for years to come! Until it becomes extinct of course.

Step 1: What's (waste) Needed:

Empty plastic bottles:
One very large detergent bottle (5,9 litres)
One almond shaped detergent bottle (3 litres)
One toilet cleaner bottle ( 1 litre)
One flat model bottle
Two tie-wraps

and of course the old desk light

Simple tools:
Pair of scissors
Small hacksaw
Drill with big hole appliance

<p>as cool as this looks...(and I'm a HUGE fan of your creative work!!!)...I just am not positive that using a thermoplastic container in near contact to a lightbulb (producing heat at any wattage). There might be some appropriate LED lightbulb applications for this but I'd never ever use one of these in my kids bedroom until at least 1000 straight hours of testing in my fireproof test box (that I built to check out my own such questionable ideas and designs). No rain to your parade here, kudos for creativity, without which, Instructibles would be &quot;Go Play Outside!&quot;</p>
<p>I want to ps: here.. My apologies, my old eyes did not pick up that you used a 220v/3w LED lamp. There are a couple issues to this. 220v lights tend to run much cooler for much longer with greater savings due to the lower 'line friction' of higher frequency 110v/60htz (what's up America? Why haven't you got that yet?) but I would still build a firebox with auto suppressant system for testing such devices at triple or more the anticipated wattage to be used. I hope to put up my own isle on building this box once my hot tub deck is in, couch is refurbished, jewelry casting station is re-organized and garage is saled out to the masses this Summer...so stay tuned!</p>
Thank you for your remarks. Taking care of safety is always a good thing. If your firebox is able to test the 3w led close to a thermoplastic bottle you are very welcome to do so. Meanwhile I tested it for weeks each night ( may be not 1000 hours) and there is no trace of anything on the plastic bottle, and no heat to be felt. I feel safe enough to use this for myself.
<p>Very clever use of plastic bottles! </p>
<p>I love this re-use of plastic containers! I made a bike fender with that :-)</p>
Good for you! See more idea's on http://www.ruudvankoningsbrugge.nl/flessenboek.html
<p>look nice!</p>

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Bio: Technics/ arts and crafts teacher at a school for mentally disordered young adults.
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