Picture of Public Bathroom Ethos
Ok, alot of this should be obvious to most people but it's something I've noticed and I find it disgusting... just thought I'd teach some people a little manners.

by the way, I didn't take the pictures, they're from google image search,I'm not in the habit of taking pictures of public restrooms.

Step 1: Urinal Etiquette(just for the guys)

Picture of Urinal Etiquette(just for the guys)
Try and get the biggest gap as humanly possible between you and the nearest occupied urinal. The safety or splash zone if you will:
I think my reasoning behind this is obvious
Sinner3k8 years ago
I agree with rotor. To everybody, please take a few seconds to spell-check before you post. That having been said, I can appreciate why somebody would go to the trouble of making an instructible like this. Apparently, peaople never learned these common sense rules. 1.) Shut up in the bathroom. (This rule is apparently not applicable in the women's restroom, or so I'm told.) 2.) Don't pick the urinal right next to me, especially if there is no "privacy partition". If you have no choice, use a stall. If that's not an option, wait. 3.) Wash your hands. #1, #2, doesn't matter. Wash. No exceptions. 4.) And since people cannot be trusted to follow rule #3, open the door with ANYTHING other than your bare hand.
there's more: perants
That's how it's spelt here' I was educated with "the queen's" english, you guys are working on american english ie. colour- for me coler(I think)- for you
color. Close, good try.
that's not even Queen's English, i don't know any people who spell it like that. That said, good instructable. Some people obviously are too stupid to work this all out for themselves
The Queen's English? You give some measure of respect to the the British Queen?!
Judging by your avitar your Irish, yeah? So am I, and we spell 'perants' as parents too... just an FYI
yey, up da common mis-spelling .:suas na oglach:.
no, 'perants' is not the british spelling of 'parents,' try again.
How many times do I have to say it,
Though I really thought it was...ack well
wait I see a grammar mistake on that comment, it should say, Any spelling mistakes I saw have been fixed, not Any spelling mistakes I seen have been fixed
Unfortunately, you also have problems with your grammar in that comment.
No they haven't etiquette is spelled etiquette, not edicate
He fixed all the ones he saw; we just need to kick the Instructables admins until they give us a spell checker in the toolbar.
Or FREAKING PROOFREAD (and learn to spell) Now it might be just me, but I had learned learmed most of my spelling by ~3rd - 6th grade. Now, either the internet is primarily frequented by a teeming horde of kindergardeners, or people are just terminally lazy.
I find it ironic that you spelled 'learned' 'learmed'. Anywho, I agree.
hahahaha and kindergartners.
Hah! I seem to have a sudden affliction of foot-in-mouth disease. In any case, I still think a spell checker is still superfluous. Besides, checking your own spelling actually improves your knowledge of the english language over time. In my case, most of my spelling errors come from mis-typing, not mis-spelling words, but your experience may vary.
I think a spell-cheaker is aa good idea, spelling isn't my strong point, and it helps even if your good at english as we all make mistakes
I don't see the point of this instructable, but as far as spelling goes. Many if not most of the greatest authors IE:Shakespeare could not spell. Good spelling is not necessarily a sign of intelligence or lazyness. Just thought I would add my two cents to the inane way this series of posts have gone.
um.....its spell check, not spellcheak
Why not copy into word or use google's spellcheck toolbar?
yes ,I'm terminally lazy: ,and how can you insult my spelling when you mispelt kindergardeners in your critizism?
Of course, you meant Kindergartners, right?

The best app I have found for checking spelling in apps that don't have a spell checker, you should check out FreeSpell:


No affiliation and I get nothing for the plug.
Ian01 canida8 years ago
I believe Firefox 2.0 has a spell checker.
Calltaker Ian018 years ago
It does.
{pedantic} It's ethos, not eathos. (title) A lot is two words, not one. You're also missing the word "of" directly after it. (intro) It's cubicle (small partitioned space) not cubical (like a cube). (step 2) It's parents, not perants. (step 3) Etiquette has already been covered, and I'm ignoring commas, capitalization, grammar, and usage of their/there for now. {/pedantic} We now return to your previously-scheduled bathroom humor.
I'll say it again, MY SPEELING SUCKS
but thank you canida, for going through it for me.
I'll fix them
Alot and a lot are both valid.
ummm.. actually they're not.... its TWO words, not one.... Apu: Thank you.... come again!!
ebergh7 years ago
Interesting article. When we were in Alaska this summer, my wife took the attached picture inside the ladies side of the public restroom on Homer Spit in Homer Alaska. It would seem to be appropriate to the topic. -eb
i hate it when little kids go to buffets. this made me think of that.
santy227 years ago
You remember me of Reuben Feffer in "along came polly" hahaha nuts bowl
hah, thats exactly what i thought of too =P
=spider=7 years ago
Well, i was going to perhaps print this out for my workplace (a corporate office of all places has had bathroom problems in the ladies room in particular), but it just doesn't contain enough. It's mostly male-oriented, which is fine, I understand, but that could've been in the title. What advice you did give wasn't in enough detail. If people don't understand about washing hands or the "safety zone" already, then they really do need it explained out for them in full. The advice is valid, and I agree that unfortunately this stuff has to be pointed out to people, but I would've fleshed it out with more for it to really be an instructable, rather than just a community service announcement. For instance, the ladies room here has pictures indicating to people that they shouldn't squat above the toilet, just sit on it. This is because people were breaking the seats?!!?! So there's lots of stuff to warn people about re: toilets. Other incidents have happened here that I'm too decent to talk about. They're so bad, they must've been deliberate.
I've added this instructable to a group for teenagers, on a mission to lower forum posts about teen problems that we have the answers to, leaving the ones we don't to get answered.
easyrider17 years ago
think about this the next time your at the restaurant and you pick up the salt or pepper,the guy that used it before you didn't wash his hands after using b-room.people are nasty,thats why donald trump dosen't shake hands at a restaurant.if i take a urinal next to another guy it is either the only one left or it the lowest one(i'm only 6' tall and that water is awful cold and deep).but what is worse,a girl who lets a dog lick her face.where has his tongue been(licking his butt, his nads,other dogs butts,eating poop when your not looking),and then she lets him lick her face.ain't kissin' that girl! but yeah,wash your hands,use something other than hand to open door.and unless you want to be a c*ck su*k*r by proxy,use a napkin to pickup the salt"n"pepper.i don't know what your gonna do when you get to the buffet and realize some body has touched the soup ladle and tongs and................................
csshih7 years ago
its still an instructable - on how to have good manners in a restroom
Am I the only one bothered by "instructables" like this one that don't show how to make or do anything, but merely vent someone's spleen? This is not a BLOG. ewilhelm, are you listening...?
comment on his page then...
i definitely agree
reeding8 years ago
DUDE!!! why would you want to wash your hands after? With how dirty my hands are I wash my hands before I do my stuff. After who cares? Duh...no one but ocd freaks like you!
do I care? it's more for yourself than anyone else, I'm not telling you to wash them. . .
lemonie8 years ago
I don't piss on my hands...
ELF lemonie8 years ago
Your urine is sterile, you can drink it and not get sick (You know... You might vomit and stuff like that, but you won't be infected by anything). The problem is the bacterias on your little buddy down there...
lemonie ELF8 years ago
The comment is about handwashing, not drinking half a pint of urine for a bet @ £2.70 like someone I know... L
ELF lemonie8 years ago
girrrrrrr28 years ago
yummm... the nuts taste like...nuts... eeew... that is just nasty...
karen6088 years ago
hey, i'm a janitor. boy do i know what you are talking about here about flushing and washing hands. Sigh! Lady janitors don't appreciate either sex being sloppy. And no more chewing gum in the urinals! thank you boys.
Aeshir8 years ago
Thank you for this. It's a wonder some people who can't do something this simple are even still alive. And I don't mean just dying from e. coli poisoning. Thank god for the Darwin Awards.
zako8 years ago
are u one of those people that go to some concert then mone about how bad the bogs are i meen come on your only in there for a few minutes!!!!
SirGrok8 years ago
I don't wash my hands after using the restroom. I don't think others should either. If I thought my junk was that dirty, I would just scrub my piece in the sink.
ei06758 years ago
Just to confirm as an Irish person yes its "parents" but MORE SO to bring attention to "Sinner3k" whom brought up the original topic on spelling,... i think its not "...peaople never learned " BUT "...people never learned" and as for using "TYPO" as an excuse,.. the "a" key is not on the same line as "P,E or O".... just thought since nobody else noticed and Skinner3k was quick to point out mistakes!

so PLEASE lay of the Irish
Crash21088 years ago
Why does the girl only have one leg?
very observent-cant spell and too lazy to cheak-
westfw8 years ago
You haven't truly noticed public bathroom cleanliness (or the lack thereof) (even in nominally "upscale" places like the average high-tech business) until you've had to contemplate changing a baby's diaper on the floor of one. :-) OTOH, in the absence of current epidemics of waste-borne illnesses (what? Typhoid, cholera, ?)(which tend to make the News), it's really not such a huge deal anyway. Be clean, not extreme! (of course, having the aforementioned "babies" and/or the processes leading up to them is likely to change your disgust level toward bodily fluids anyway...)
At the age of 14 I'm not planning on having babies anytime soon, I think I will just continue to be disgusted at other people's urine lying around the floor, and I'm talking about bar's, mall's, school's etc. toliets. . . in the like of macdonald's(here at least) the toilets are immaculate. In my last high school you could smell the urinals before you got through the door, but if ya gotta go, ya gotta go and it wouldn't do any harm to know what you're touching .But you just don't think that the door knob or the handle on the toilet may be covered in stranger's piss, and if you forget to wash your hands(it's easily done) then eat or rub your eyes etc. you've basically rubbed piss in your eyes. It may not kill you, but it's still not something you want to be doing on a regular basis.
trebuchet038 years ago
First - I do wash my hands, I do my own thing and then leave. I don't know why, I'm just not a big fan of public rest rooms.... Next, its not worth getting all worked up about that you touched a door handle! While I can see some exceptions (bar nuts and such), don't put your hands in your mouth or rub your eyes. Your skin is an excellent anti-microbial surface - but if you start rubbing your eyes (which you shouldn't be doing anyway), its not that effective. That being said, there's plenty of things you pick up all over the place outside of the restroom. Considering that the restroom is probably cleaned more often than say the front door hand you used to get into the establishment... I'm not going loose any sleep over this (lost sleep is saved for exams :P).
I know it's not a big thing, but still; it makes the world a slightley cleaner place lol
sam8 years ago
this is a much better description-

ive noticed that some people who do wash their hands only splash in the water, my microbiolgy prof says a good length is to sing "twinkle twinkle little star" to yourself. also the first stall is normally the cleanest because most peoople avoid the first stall. and use a papertowel to open the door, if their is not a trash can by the door then throw the towel on the floor, pretty soon the workers will put a can by the door
yea, i open the door with my foot, cuz who know's what stinking hands have touched the door handle
and then there are those that get all the nasty stuff you've walked all over (feces, urine) all over their nice hands after performing this instructable :O
i dont kick the door handle , I push it open at the bottom. . . i dont go "cops" on it
LOL, you made my day :)
mrmath8 years ago
My big pet peeve about the men's room. NO TALKING! Please. Go in. Do your thing. Get out. Talking is for the water cooler, not the urinal!
No kidding.. My favortite was the guy talking on the cellphone WHILE taking a leak. He did NOT have a hands free headset either.
rotor8 years ago
sry my spellin sucks, i know
mrmath8 years ago
More information on this is available in this video