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Introduction: Public Metalworking Studio

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My plan is to create a metalworking studio open to the public and offer classes for a small fee. I know times are tough and people can't necessarily afford things that aren't absolutely necessary; but I believe that art should always be an option.

I have been doing metalsmithing for 7 years and have experience teaching and maintaining a busy studio

My plan has always been to slowly build up a nice studio over time, and a little research showed me that a basic studio would cost about $5,000 total. With $25,000 I could make a complete, fully stocked and fully equipped studio!

metalworking skills such as casting a fine silver ring or welding steel into a sculpture can bring a great sense of accomplishment. Projects can be as difficult or simple as a person wants, so its a perfect medium for anyone to try.

I love creating amazing things with metal, and I would love to see other people having the tools and work space to fabricate their ideas too.

Hobbyists have no trouble finding studios that offer tools and classes for painting, ceramics, basket weaving etc. Unfortunately the tools and space for metalworking and sculpture are hard to come by and usually at a high expense.

I am offering to volunteer my time to bring the art of metalworking to students, parents, and even those who already have experience and just need to use the equipment. I can offer instruction, ensure the safe use of tools, and work on my own projects.

Outside of specialized classes, it would be an open studio without a predetermined end-product to allow the most possibilities. I have seen the most amazing and creative projects made when people have no restrictions on what they can make.

Who would say no to an open metalsmithing studio in their town?



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    great idea. Good luck. You can bootstrap a lot of tooling with basic blacksmithing skills, using oxy-acetylene to heat the metal if you don't already have a forge.

    I live here in South Orange County, CA and a place to create at would be fantastic!
    Where and when is this going to become a reality?

    Great idea. Make sure you have adequate insurance. The biggest drawback to running a "teaching shop" is liability insurance to protect yourself and your business from people who do stupid/dangerous things.

    Awesome!Im sure people would appreciate

    Great idea. I have a 1600 square foot carrage house 2 floors that I would like to turn into a art studio for my self and others.

    This is great- I've dreamt of starting up a similar operation! Have you applied for any grants in your area? Your a great candidate for one!

    Oh yeah... I would be there in a heartbeat. Is that anvil yours? Looks like a monster. Bet it rings like a bell too!

    It is a beast of an anvil, looks like I need to clean it up a bit again. It sings with every hit of the hammer!

    Great entry, I would also be a customer.

    You have my vote for the grand prize (unless I get my entry completed and submitted in time)!

    Thank you, I'm happy people are interested in having a metalsmithing studio around. Good luck with your entry :)