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Introduction: Puffy Dimensional Paint Jewelry! Great Kid Craft!

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We had a blast making Puffy dimensional Paint
Bracelets, watches, wristbands and even headbands!

Perfect craft for boys or girls, young or old!

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Jewelry Contest

Step 1: Supplies!

These are so simple.  You'll need:

Wax paper
Puffy dimensional paint
Pattern or picture to follow
Ribbon or yarn

Step 2: Custom Jelly Bands!

Printed off some fun pictures online and put a
piece of wax paper over the top of it.
Tape the wax paper on a piece of foam core board...
then you can move it around later for drying.

Carefully draw the images with the puff paints.

Until you are satisfied.
Mix different colors for more awesomeness.
Make sure the lines are all connected...thick and wont be a
problem when you peel off the wax paper.

Then move these somewhere safe...like the top of the fridge...
then let them dry overnight.

Step 3: Wear Your Paint Proudly!

Now, you can peel the wax paper off.
Easy on some...others stick more.

Just run them through some water and it
will peel right off the puff paints.

Then you can add yarn and tie them on to enjoy!

Step 4: Totally Awesome!

Boys loved this Omnitrix from Ben10!

The possibilities are endless!  You could use glow in the dark paint too
for some fun Halloween jewelry! 

Hope you like this!  I decided it would be a fun and very different jewelry option to
enter in the jewelry contest!  Please vote for me!  :)

More fun craft ideas found at doodlecraft!



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    It is awesome It looks cute

    Did you have any problems with it sticking to or staining the skin of the models?

    This is so cool!

    It peels right off the wax paper.

    Super cool:) so trying it:)

    So cool! Is it durable do they last through many wears?

    Hey this is so cool i never would have thought of it!!

    Hey where did u get all those cool designs

    I made some too

    SO Clever, Doodle! Puff paint "snowflakes" make great Christmas ornaments, too!

    2 replies

    Oh yes, these would be perfect for ornaments! These actually stick to windows too...like window clings! Great for ALL holidays! :) And...yes, snowflakes! Thanks!

    I never even considered window decor. You're a genious,  Doodle girl! ;-D

    Amazing! Thanks for posting a pic! I love them on shoes...now I'll have to make more! Thank you! :)

    No, thank you :)