We had a blast making Puffy dimensional Paint
Bracelets, watches, wristbands and even headbands!

Perfect craft for boys or girls, young or old!

Step 1: Supplies!

These are so simple.  You'll need:

Wax paper
Puffy dimensional paint
Pattern or picture to follow
Ribbon or yarn
<p>Did you have any problems with it sticking to or staining the skin of the models?</p>
What a cute idea!
This is so cool!
What do u do to get it to not stick?
It peels right off the wax paper.
Super cool:) so trying it:)
So cool! Is it durable do they last through many wears?
Finalist! Congratulations!
Super cute!!!!!!
Hey this is so cool i never would have thought of it!!
Hey where did u get all those cool designs
I made some too
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SO Clever, Doodle! Puff paint &quot;snowflakes&quot; make great Christmas ornaments, too!
Oh yes, these would be perfect for ornaments! These actually stick to windows too...like window clings! Great for ALL holidays! :) And...yes, snowflakes! Thanks!
I never even considered window decor. You're a <strong>genious</strong>, &nbsp;Doodle girl! ;-D
Adventure time shoe buddies
Amazing! Thanks for posting a pic! I love them on shoes...now I'll have to make more! Thank you! :)
No, thank you :)
I made a peacock feather out of this- Thanks so much! Im going to vote you for the contest.
Wow, amazing! I'd love if you linked up a picture! :) Now I want to make one, totally love peacock stuff! :) Thanks!
What a creative idea! I will try this for sure. I have to chuckle because I always have good intentions to try and make other peoples instructables but get side tracked with all the great contest! <br>sunshiine
Thanks Sunshiine! I know what you mean, I have a ton of &quot;favorites&quot; that I am hoping to make at some point! :)
Wow really cool idea! Never thought of using puffy paint this way
Thanks! :)
Wow cuteness! I knew it was that puffy paint when I saw the pic - how creatively awesome! :) Wish you were my neighbor and we could make some things together!!! How fun!
Holly, that would be so much fun! :) Thank you!
That's such a great idea!
Thanks! :)
This is such a cool idea!!
Thanks! :)
So cute!
Thanks! :)
awwwwwwwwwwwww sooooo cuteeeee
Thanks! :)
So, so, so cool! I saw this done with a mask before, but not jewelry! I love it!
Oooh, I want to do a mask! Thanks! :)
Soo cute! love the pink bracelet :)
I did this my friday night fun kids at work. They loved it! Some stayed at the table making them for hours ignoring the videogames and gym :) I turned mine into shoe buddies and put them on my laces
wow cool! how tough is it once dried? Is it pretty fragile?
Thanks! No, they aren't too fragile...they can 'tear' if you pull on the strings too hard. :)
This is the cutest, most awesomest (yes, i know;not a word c:) and easiest project ever!!! i love it! great job!
Ha ha ha, thank you! I say awesomest all the time! :) Thanks again!
you got my vote

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