yes, this is a cake. I just wanted you all to see my nice cake. please vote for me in the cake contest!
I tink this is fake
<p>this isn't an instructable I was disappointed that you did not share. This site is for sharing techniques on making things, not just for showing off and asking for votes. </p>
<p>Oh my gosh! At first I thought it was really a dog!</p>
<p>This is the most amazing and realistic cake!! Wow, well done!! WOWZERS</p>
<p>I would honstly have to say that I don't like the instructabe. Its an amazing cake but how did you make it? Did you even make it or just bye it? Please be honst!!!</p>
<p>i also agree with rrkrose</p>
hey im new
Incredible. Is there instructions on this?
Are you sure this is not really a dog on some pillows?
Im sure beacuae i dont own pillows like that
You should post this on Pinterest, not instructables. And credit <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/9438541@N04/2581072390/in/set-72157600664133756/" rel="nofollow">Karen Portaleo from Highland bakery</a>.
I credit my good friend Karen Portaleo for this design of cake
Karen Portaleo from Highland Bakery made this cake, is that you? <br> <br>www.Highlandbakery.com
If you search for pug cakes in google images this is one of the first pictures that comes up. If I had to guess I would say that you just copied and pasted this image and the posted it on instructables.

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