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Introduction: Pug Cake

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yes, this is a cake. I just wanted you all to see my nice cake. please vote for me in the cake contest!



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    this isn't an instructable I was disappointed that you did not share. This site is for sharing techniques on making things, not just for showing off and asking for votes.

    Oh my gosh! At first I thought it was really a dog!

    This is the most amazing and realistic cake!! Wow, well done!! WOWZERS

    I would honstly have to say that I don't like the instructabe. Its an amazing cake but how did you make it? Did you even make it or just bye it? Please be honst!!!

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    i also agree with rrkrose

    Are you sure this is not really a dog on some pillows?

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    Im sure beacuae i dont own pillows like that

    I credit my good friend Karen Portaleo for this design of cake

    Karen Portaleo from Highland Bakery made this cake, is that you?


    If you search for pug cakes in google images this is one of the first pictures that comes up. If I had to guess I would say that you just copied and pasted this image and the posted it on instructables.

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