Picture of Puking Pastilles
Puking Pastilles, originally appearing in the Harry Potter books as an invention of the Weasley twins, were meant to induce vomiting in order to avoid unpleasant obligations like sitting in class.  Eat the orange half of these double-sided candies and you'll experience a strange queasy feeling due to the unfortunate combination of anise (black licorice flavor), garlic, and sugar.  Once you have felt the impacts of this gut twisting flavor, calm your tummy with the delightfully minty purple half.

Stock your own Skiving Snackbox using these, heat-inducing Fever Fudge, and some bloody good Nosebleed Nougat.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Parchment paper
Cream cheese, room temperature - 2 oz (measure by weight or use 1/4 of an 8oz box)
Powdered Sugar - 1 lb (you will only need about half of the bag but you may need extra to get the texture right)
Food Color powders, pastes, or gels in yellow, red, and blue
garlic powder - 1/8 teas
anise extract* (this tastes like black licorice) - 1/8 teas
peppermint or other mint extract* - 1/4 teas

*You can use flavor oils traditionally used in candy making but you'll want to taste test to determine the right amount.
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jcoop4 years ago
4 kids + one afternoon + starshipminivan's recipes = FUN! and the puking pastilles did make us feel like throwing up, but the fever fudge was delicious as was the cockroaches!
starshipminivan (author)  jcoop4 years ago
That's fantastic! I love to make crazy stuff with kids and I'm glad you guys had fun! Isn't that anise and garlic combination disgusting? I still have some of them hanging around that have had the tasty side snapped off and eaten.
The boys were tricky and made the dull colored side minty, and the bright side was 3 tablespoon of garlic with dunno how much anise. That has to be the worst combination ever!

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Just the sound of garlic, sugar and anise makes me want to puke! :O"""

benross3 years ago
Love This recipe, but as an 46 year young wizard my taste buds have changed so the thought of anise (black licorice flavor), garlic, and sugar sounds yum, and mint makes me puke!!!!! Maybe I should start the Slytherin cook book? Mwahahahahaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!

Plz tell me if you ever make that book. It sounds cool! :D

ewwww garlic and sugar and ewwwww tell me if you ever create that book lol

black licorice Gag lol

thehbird1 year ago

nasty but cool you should make fainting fancies

Are these freezable or able to last like a week without getting all nasty and inedible?
fogman1034 years ago
if you put in some ipecac you can throw up.
I had exactly the same thought :)
donicamm4 years ago
I actually really like the flavor of the puking side. Licorice and garlic go well together.
nicosaur4 years ago
I don't have several days to wait for these to harden, is there a way to make it harden faster?
jstamie4 years ago
omg noms!!!! me and my friend are making hp snacks to take to the premiere and these are perfect!!! i made a experimental batch of the fever fudge and her face was excellent (she hates spicy stuff)!! thank u so much for all of this!!
kkibler4 years ago
So with these I could vomit and get out of school? Niiiiiice.
Heh heh. I oughta make some of these, and give one to my sister, telling her their cookies. I wanna see the look on her face when she takes a bite outta the garlic-infested side. Lol, she'll be like :O
thepelton4 years ago
Does this actually work?
starshipminivan (author)  thepelton4 years ago
It's just silliness. Puking Pastilles are a candy mentioned in Harry Potter and this is my interpretation of them. Although anise and garlic are a really icky combination, they don't actually induce vomiting.
OK. I was just thinking if you really wanted them to do the job, you could use Ipecac. I do, however, understand the concept of whimsy.
The only time I ever used Ipecac, I thought it tasted rather like maple syrup. Hmmmm
starshipminivan (author)  RaNDoMLeiGH4 years ago
I had no idea it tasted like that. How strong of a flavor is that? Not that I'm going to be putting it on pancakes any time soon.
It's been a couple decades since I tried it. I was surprised that it had a relatively pleasant taste, given the results. I don't know how much you'd have to use to induce vomiting, but I remember it took a while to work.

I was using it to get off work where my hitler-esque boss refused to change the schedule for any reason at all. To my memory, he'd scheduled me for that evening despite the fact that I'd told him weeks in advance that I needed the night off. (I seem to remember it was something to do with my wedding...) He was looking for a reason to write me up but once I barfed on his desk he made me go home.

It didn't make me *feel* ill -- I had to fake that. Fortunately, I knew how to do my makeup all pale and wan, acted kinda dizzy, like I'd just gotten out of bed just to come to work (what a trouper, right?), and visualized being fevered, and in a cold sweat. When it was time to puke it just came up, rather politely for vomit.

I think you could easily hide it in a sweetened drink, like a caramel-hazelnut-mocha-alpachino-latte or maybe a Dr Pepper.
starshipminivan (author)  thepelton4 years ago
Someone else implied that I had ipecac in my instructions and was unclear on the dosage recommendations so I flagged it because it implied I had included it in my Instructable. If other people discuss options, that's totally ok. I just didn't want people to assume it was in my original instructions.

I'm sorry that my response to that person, which I deleted because after he deleted his post, made me sound like I was being snarky with you. I appreciate your input and have no problem with other people discussing their ideas at all. That's what this community is all about.
sub8934 years ago
Very good. I'm voting for this when voting starts!
Robotika sub8934 years ago
I can't help it, but I read that as "when vomiting starts". *grin*

I can't wait to see what other mischievous concoctions from the wizarding world will be made next by starshipminivan.
I had the same experience
what a cute idea onour next cooking adventure me and my nephew will have to make some of these to feed to my brother I wonder which side he will eat
canida4 years ago
Awesome! It sounds like an amazing flavor combination.
I was half-expecting to see syrup of ipecac as an optional ingredient. ;)
thepelton4 years ago
I wish you could make the ones that were in one of the movies in which Ron and Harry were sitting around with other Griffindor students, and were eating some sort of candy that made them imitate wild animals such as bulls, elephants, and lions.
lexxiv4 years ago
That's good!
mogombotps4 years ago
These are pretty cool. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the other Weasley "treats" in the Skiving Snackboxes. I also like your cockroach clusters. ;>)
bustedit4 years ago
I thought anise and fennel and all that licorice tasting stuff was supposed to soothe a stomache? just the smell turns MY stomach, however.
starshipminivan (author)  bustedit4 years ago
It doesn't mix well with garlic. It's disgusting. I might try making them with ginger instead of mint on the other side next time.
qqqqqq5824 years ago
Am I missing something or is half of an 8oz box not 2oz. (step 1, Cream cheese)
starshipminivan (author)  qqqqqq5824 years ago
Thank you for pointing out. I changed it. I altered a recipe for a larger quantity and forgot to change the fraction.
ac1D4 years ago
You can actually make it work (make you puke) really easily.
Add some Belch powder in the puke half :-)
It can be found in any joke shop!
You could also make the U-NO-POO by using the fart powder!
Kiteman4 years ago
Anise, garlic and sugar?

You have a twisted mind!
starshipminivan (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Thank you!

I was looking for wildly mismatched, easy to incorporate flavors in my spice cupboard. It looks like I hit the target.
swilus4 years ago
Has anyone tried this?
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