Tired of those same old pumpkin carvings year after year? Try something new this Halloween with the puking pumpkin!  It's simple, only takes a few minutes to pull off, and is just as fun and entertaining for kids as it is for adults. 

The phobia name for the fear of puking is emetophobia.  You know you've found a good pumpkin carving theme when it has its own official medical terminology and self help website - http://fearofvomiting.com/!

If one puking pumpkin isn't enough for you, check out Schooniedude's How to Make an Awesome Pumpkin Instructable.

Step 1: Materials

Making your own puking pumpkin really isn't any different from carving any other type of pumpkin.  All you need is:
  • a pumpkin or two
  • a permanent marker
  • various sharp small knives (I'm using a Stanley utility hack saw in some of the photos)
  • a spoon
  • a bowl

I love it!! My daughter is carving her own puking pumpkin right now. Even out here in the sticks we r going to show Halloween fun!
XD i did a similar thing with tangerines XD<br><br>heres the link to it:<br>http://robin1992.deviantart.com/gallery/33567831#/d4f1uys
<strong>awesome.</strong> Dude it looks <strong>so</strong> real! i have 2 days to get a pumpkin and do this.
lol !
Gonna see if I can make this for my sister. She loves strange halloween decorations, this'll be nice for her! :D<br>5*
I remember this from last year, but I didn't comment.<br><br>My school is having a pumpkin carving contest this year, and this is sure to win.<br><br>Great 'ible, 5 stars.
Alas, even our pumpkin friends end up having a bit too much candy on Halloween night.
Wow! im suprised this instructable doesnt have more comments. anyway, very good job on this, im going to use this for 1 of my pumpkins this year. the face u made is also really good, and i wouldnt change it to anything else. 5*
That reminds me of the time..never mind yall get the picture.
&nbsp;that's the most awesome thing i've seen today.
You can kick up the vomit a notch by adding some peas, corn, different colored dried beans, etc.&nbsp; rocklocker
&nbsp;ive done this 2 times now<br /> <br /> the one puking in the cup was from 08 the one puking on the other ones head is this years<br />
&nbsp;What's the shelf life of that thang after you pop open the top? Does it need to be refrigerated after opening?<br /> <br /> We had a composting mess one year when it was still really humid in the house and the jack-o-lantern never really dried out.<br />
The shelf life would probably depend on what the relative humidity was.&nbsp; It would probably last longer in New Orleans than it would in Tucson.&nbsp; I just wouldn't want that to be sitting in the bathroom toilet, though.&nbsp; If someone was already feeling woozy, that could push them over the edge.
lol, i did this last year and put it on my front step with an empty 40 of smirnof beside it!!!
&nbsp;The same idea was in a newspaper comic strip. In <i>Foxtrot</i>, Jason carves a puking pumpkin to protest his moms healthy treats for trick or treaters.
I did something similar to this one year.<br />
I&nbsp;like it's face :P<br /> The picture in step 3 reminds me of biology class today... But it was a deer instead of a pumpkin...&nbsp;
Ummmm...sad to say,<a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-an-Awesome-Pumpkin/"> you were not the first</a> (by 5 whole days).<br /> <br /> Oh well, your prize is a smile and a handshake, thanks for playing our game...<br />
This idea has been around for years, or did you mean the first on Instructables?<br />
I&nbsp;meant the first on Instructables, but I totally missed that boat too!&nbsp; Sorry for my false claims...I'll update the Instructable appropriately now.<br />
&nbsp;As Alex Trebek would say, &quot;<em>Sorry</em>.&quot; What is, You might need this&nbsp;<a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Making-a-Time-Machine/">www.instructables.com/id/Making-a-Time-Machine/</a>&nbsp;?
Ha Ha, I'll try this.
I can only say one thing.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Nice.

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