Step 7: Place Strategically

Place your puking pumpkin someplace strategic.  Think about all the different places one can vomit for a minute or two and see what moves you.  There are so many possibilities...
  • by a bottle of alcohol
  • next to a trash can
  • in a hospital
  • outside a bar
  • in an alley
  • by a rotting fish
  • looking at another pumpkin, that happens to be puking
Or, my personal favorite puke spot, which I've chosen to show in this Instructable - into a toilet bowl.

I love it!! My daughter is carving her own puking pumpkin right now. Even out here in the sticks we r going to show Halloween fun!
XD i did a similar thing with tangerines XD<br><br>heres the link to it:<br>http://robin1992.deviantart.com/gallery/33567831#/d4f1uys
<strong>awesome.</strong> Dude it looks <strong>so</strong> real! i have 2 days to get a pumpkin and do this.
lol !
Gonna see if I can make this for my sister. She loves strange halloween decorations, this'll be nice for her! :D<br>5*
I remember this from last year, but I didn't comment.<br><br>My school is having a pumpkin carving contest this year, and this is sure to win.<br><br>Great 'ible, 5 stars.
Alas, even our pumpkin friends end up having a bit too much candy on Halloween night.
Wow! im suprised this instructable doesnt have more comments. anyway, very good job on this, im going to use this for 1 of my pumpkins this year. the face u made is also really good, and i wouldnt change it to anything else. 5*
That reminds me of the time..never mind yall get the picture.
&nbsp;that's the most awesome thing i've seen today.
You can kick up the vomit a notch by adding some peas, corn, different colored dried beans, etc.&nbsp; rocklocker
&nbsp;ive done this 2 times now<br /> <br /> the one puking in the cup was from 08 the one puking on the other ones head is this years<br />
&nbsp;What's the shelf life of that thang after you pop open the top? Does it need to be refrigerated after opening?<br /> <br /> We had a composting mess one year when it was still really humid in the house and the jack-o-lantern never really dried out.<br />
The shelf life would probably depend on what the relative humidity was.&nbsp; It would probably last longer in New Orleans than it would in Tucson.&nbsp; I just wouldn't want that to be sitting in the bathroom toilet, though.&nbsp; If someone was already feeling woozy, that could push them over the edge.
lol, i did this last year and put it on my front step with an empty 40 of smirnof beside it!!!
&nbsp;The same idea was in a newspaper comic strip. In <i>Foxtrot</i>, Jason carves a puking pumpkin to protest his moms healthy treats for trick or treaters.
I did something similar to this one year.<br />
I&nbsp;like it's face :P<br /> The picture in step 3 reminds me of biology class today... But it was a deer instead of a pumpkin...&nbsp;
Ummmm...sad to say,<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-an-Awesome-Pumpkin/"> you were not the first</a> (by 5 whole days).<br /> <br /> Oh well, your prize is a smile and a handshake, thanks for playing our game...<br />
This idea has been around for years, or did you mean the first on Instructables?<br />
I&nbsp;meant the first on Instructables, but I totally missed that boat too!&nbsp; Sorry for my false claims...I'll update the Instructable appropriately now.<br />
&nbsp;As Alex Trebek would say, &quot;<em>Sorry</em>.&quot; What is, You might need this&nbsp;<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Making-a-Time-Machine/">www.instructables.com/id/Making-a-Time-Machine/</a>&nbsp;?
Ha Ha, I'll try this.
I can only say one thing.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Nice.

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