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Introduction: Pull Pin Nerf Grenade

This instructable will teach you how to make a pull pin nerf grenade that explodes on impact and has a 3 to 5 foot blast radius.It sprays 4 streamline nerf darts.This is non-pyrotechnic so you can use it in indoor nerf wars and battles.

Step 1: Matierials

You only need a few household items.

1. 4 streamline nerf darts
2. 2 small rubber bands(about the size of the ones in the picture)
3. 1 key ring

Step 2: The Pull Pin

Take one of your small rubber bands and put it on the key ring like so.

Step 3:

Take your four darts and make a rectangular prism out of them like the picture. Fold the rubber band like an eight then over to make a smaller and tighter one.Wrap that around the bottom of the darts like so.

Step 4: The Other Rubber Band

Wrap the other rubber band around the tips or or close to the tips like the picture. Before you do that do the rubber band thing we did in the last step.

Step 5: Done

Now the grenade should not go off if you throw it. To set for detonation pull the pin with the rubber band off and throw the grenade (tip first) hard and at a hard surface. or at your enemies >=) mwahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    Sweet. The only thing i recommend to change it to use 7 darts instead of 4. More explosives! :)

    The more darts, the better (guess what happens with 30?) but I can't make that many because then I run out of ammo for my guns :(

    cool more exsplosiveness

    its kinda hard to make one out of seven though... its also kinda sensitive...

    also try 6 disc darts with a rubber band around them.

    Do they HAVE to be streamlined? RSVP!

    No, I tried it with Elite Darts and it still worked, but I think the blast radius was down a tinch. And by the way, Elite Darts are better than streamlines because they shoot farther and are more compatible.

    yes they do