Pull Start Tool (For Mowers etc)

video Pull Start Tool (For Mowers etc)
I was thinking of making this home-made unit into a product.
I think it can start any pull-to start engine.
I made a couple of different version of it, one using a battery drill,
the other using a small battery chainsaw for power.
Do you think there would be a market for such a tool ?
Feedback most welcome.
nlane624 days ago

This looks really neat and not to mention useful. Even as a young/healthy man, I get exhausted and blistered using a pull-starter. Although, this could be made more marketable if it were smaller (people seem to have less garage space today and this is just too big/bulky). I like the fact that the elastic does the work, less strain on the electric motor. If you could make this run on a common household tool such as a drill, it would be a major plus. I believe the tool should be more easily attached. I know it's already simple but most people may consider it a hassle to take parts off another tool for use (Try a drill-chuck attachment).

BUT PLEASE, if you are going to post on the Instructables website, at least some sort of building include instructions. If we allow people to start posting advertizements here for free, we will easily be overrun by the corporate world. I'm sure we all appreciate this idea. However, this site is NOT for selling/potentially selling products. From my understanding, is a free-to-use public domain, Idea-sharing forum. If you just want feedback for your product, try posting on a lawn & garden or small engine forum. Usually these sites will have a mature/intelligent user base who will give you the kind of ideas you want/need. But, if you make an Instructables, you are expected to at least provide some free building tips, hacks, step-by-step instructions. More than simply asking for feedback on your product.

Overall, this is a fantastic invention, needs some improvements but the concept is there. Please consider making this project public, as to allow others to build it for themselves without spending a fortune. You could also work on a commercially available version in addition (to be bought by those incapable of building their own). But for now, please revise this page to follow the spirit of Instructables by being informative and non-commercial.

pwatts34 months ago
I am very interested in purchasing
One pull starter please contact me
I am Pam ph 14325533268 is my number my work number is 4326827742
Please contact me ASAP want to purchase one
brankif (author)  pwatts32 months ago


Sorry I don't think I replied before. I have a local business support agency looking for a suitable manufacturer. If this doesn't progress, then I am considering a kickstarter project that will allow you to acquire a working unit. I hope that works for you. Thanks for the comment

dkrall8 months ago
I like the idea, I just think it is bulky and akward to operate. especially when using something as dangerous as a chainsaw. Be carefull!!!
coldsteel9079 months ago
Not a bad idea, but this is what electric starters are for. Maybe if you could compact it and further simplify the design and allow for different cord length through an adjustable pull length, just my opinion, don't let it stop you though, we need people with ideas these days
brankif (author)  coldsteel9079 months ago
Thanks for taking the time to comment, much appreciated.
gomiboy9 months ago
I think this is a fantastic idea. I'm intrigued that you could get enough power out of a battery-powered drill to pull the cord, especially for the old chain saw.

I agree with the comments below - this looks like a marketable idea, and you should look into how you might get funding to build them. I'd also buy it today if I could.

You might also consider selling the plans rather than complete units, as that would have a lower barrier to entry for costs, and could fund manufacturing later.
brankif (author)  gomiboy9 months ago
Thanks for the comment. If you look closely at the drill starter , there is an elastic 'bungee cord' under the main mechanism. As the rope is inserted into the engine, the cord is stretched to full length - This means on the pull stroke, the energy stored in the elastic is added to the power of the drill. At the end of the pull stroke, the bungee energy is exhausted, but the drill recharges it again on the recoil stroke.
spalmer89 months ago
Sign me up I want one. I never use pull start power tools. As I don't have the knack. I want the drill based one.
brankif (author)  spalmer89 months ago
Thanks for that - you've been added to the list!!
neo716659 months ago
ya a lil late, already commercial units made. I know Lowes sells em.
spalmer8 neo716659 months ago
What does Lowe's call them? I was not able to locate with a site search.
brankif (author)  spalmer89 months ago
I think want neo71665 is referring to is the new Troy-Bilt grass strimmer that can be supplied with an external starter - they say it is jump-start compatible. It does look pretty good, but I was looking to start my existing equipment - I would also be interested to know if there is a tool available that would start existing equipment. Thanks to both for taking the time to comment.
tech savvy9 months ago
great idea you have there ,
I know a lot of people that could use a tool like that,
like my grandmother for example ,
there's so many people who have a hard time with pull-starters ,
I think you should try to market its a very good idea .
Go big into this. People are tired of this and hurting theyre backs. Start a Facebook page for it and people will definatly give you enough attention to kick start this and put a patent on it.
brankif (author)  nathanielmynhier9 months ago
Thanks for the comment. I'll need to look into kickstarter by the looks of the feedback.
rimar20009 months ago
You deserve a NOBEL prize for this. I am tired to pull the rope of my chainsaw.

It would be nice if you could explain us detailedly how did you made it.
brankif (author)  rimar20009 months ago
Thanks for the prize. It does take a bit of engineering, but I had a lot of time to think about it after my surgery. I've re-designed it a bit to deliver a bit more power to the pull stroke, I'll need to make a few drawings and let you have a look.
Thanks for taking the time to comment
buckwag12199 months ago
you have a great idea! I would even purchase something like it. Good luck!
brankif (author)  buckwag12199 months ago
Thanks for that.
nnygamer9 months ago
I think you need to start a kickstarter (or similar) campaign for this!
brankif (author)  nnygamer9 months ago
That's not a bad idea.
Thanks for taking the time to comment.