Pulled Chicken. It's delicious and very easy to make. I usually make this on my charcoal smoker or grill but I wanted to demonstrate how to make it on a gas grill since that's what most people have.

What you will need.

1 whole chicken 4-5 pounds
1 "beer can chicken" holder
Seasoning salt
Garlic powder
Onion powder
Black pepper
Your favorite bbq sauce
Wood chips

Step 1: Set Up Your Grill for Indirect Smoking

For this Instructable I used my 2 burner Broil Master gas grill. I placed a cast iron smoker box on the hot side and lined the cold side with foil to catch the drippings.

I layered cherry and mesquite chips in the smoker box.

I started the grill out on Medium so it would heat up quickly and then lowered it to low once the chicken was on.

It is delicious.
That sounds rite tasty. If you put some of those herbs and flavorings under the skin it will stay on or should I say in the chicken so they will be there when you pull the skin back. I love some smoked chicken that is for sure.
Looks so delicious! I'd love to try your recipe. I have a similar one to yours that I make.
I put mine on a spit or right on the grill on a rack (then it must be rotated every 20 mins), mine comes out crispy skin and wonderfully moist. I put chips/herbs in a piece of foil and put them on the fire side. I have a webber with 3 gas jets and turn off the middle one . You can add smoking stuff a few times during the cooking (I use very little)..But I would love to come by and sample your bird she looks yummy to me!! nice instructable.
&quot;What's up, chicken?&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;Just 'hangin&quot;<br /> <br /> &nbsp;
Just tried this yesterday, turned out excellent! Used Hickory, might try something a little sweeter smoke wise next time (applewood?).
MMMMMMMM this looks delicious!!
nice never hurd of pulled chicken but looks amazing i am a chief 2
Nice cook and wish I had a sammich right now. lol I would suggest the reason you are not seeing much difference between the beer canned and no beer can chicken is that you need the heat source right below the to get it hot enough to steam. I agree with you that it will still be good. Also try grape, coke, or root beer in the can for and special treat. Good job!!
I have that same electronic thermometer. Yums.

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