Introduction: Pulley Clothesline

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Dry clothes without electricity! This simple and inexpensive ($20) pulley clothesline allows you to stay in a stationary shaded area while your clothes take the journey.

Step 1: Materials Used - PVC Clothesline

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Living in Hawaii, line dried clothes just makes sense (CENTS!). I've tried several types of commercially available clotheslines, but have found the PVC style to work the best ($8).

Step 2: Materials Used - Flat Mount Pulley

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I found these at Lowes for about $4 each. They have several pukas (holes) for mounting and are rated at 100lbs.

Step 3: Materials Used - 2x4 Blocks

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Blocks were used to change the angle of the flat mounted pulleys. Use 3" screws and a powerful screw gun or drill to drive them in.

Step 4: Mount Pulleys

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Find the best location for clotheslines. Here I was able to mount the pulleys under our back Lanai to protect us from the sun. On the opposite end the pulley was mounted under the roof eaves. Use 2x4 blocks to angle the pulleys. Make sure the pulleys line up.

Step 5: Add Clothesline - Tie Knot

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Make a loop on one end of the line. Make sure the knot is on the top side of the pulleys. Pull the other end of line through the loop and tie off. This should allow you to cinch the line down VERY tight. Remember the line will stretch a little.

That's it! Score points with the wife, save electricity, money and the environment.


Anianna (author)2010-04-23

Whoa, you hung Mickey out to dry!

Good info here.  I use the PVC clothesline, as well, though setting it up on a pulley system sure would save a lot of work.  I find that the PVC resists the mildew and general ickiness other clotheslines tend to harbor and don't crease clothing as badly as wire lines. 

tommyrusso (author)2009-06-17

LEMONIE: The pulley is attached to our back lanai, solid 2x4 & 4x4 posts. GRANNY_LEAH2: I used PVC because it worked much better than the more common steel cable with green plastic coating. I also live 200 yards from windward facing shores, very tough conditions for anything made of metal. UPDATE: after a few months of daily use, these clothes lines still work great!

Granny_Leah2 (author)2009-06-16

Can you explain why you like the PVC clothesline best?

lemonie (author)2009-03-31

The pulley you show appears to be mounted on rather weak fencing - can you show us what's really supporting it? Does the horizontal plank fix to fence-posts?


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