Step 3: Construct the jaws

Picture of Construct the jaws
gripping head02.jpg
mill slot01.jpg
The stilsons were 24" long, I cut the handle into 3 pieces, the short end to the right will become the jaw closing lever pivot, middle section will be discarded.
The rectangular tube section is the cross piece that everything will mount from.

I drilled and tapped the end of the handle to allow for an M12 stud to hold the pieces together and tack welded the pivot in place.

A slot was milled into the rectangular tube and a hole drilled in the back.

A trial assembly is shown In the 4th picture which also shows the pivots for the bottom of the lever socket.
Tinworm2 years ago
It'd be nice to see the thing in action.....and to see how big a small tree it can handle. I am not sure it is sufficiently broken down, step by step, to constitute an instructable, though.