Step 3: Skates

The first thing we had to do was get two pairs of skates and cut off their blades. Getting the skates was fairly simple especially in the winter, just ask around for old skates from your neighbors and they are more than willing to give them to you probably. Although they tend to get confused when they ask what your doing with them, and you tell them your welding them to a jet engine...

One of the hardest things we had to do for this whole project was to get the damn blades off the actual skate.. Now cutting and grinding off the blade on the old skate was a piece of cake, but on the newer skate it was practically fused to the base of the boot with plastic.. We ended up having to basically melt that plastic and pry it out, making sure not to bend the blade.
<p>would the jet not melt the ice or snow???</p>
thanks!bright idea !<br>plz share the pulsejet too!<br>and use some insulation foam on propane pipe and cover it with duct tape !it resist freezing the fuel in supply pipes.
<p>When will you post how to build the pulse jet engine</p>
Great Job, you project is really amazing. I really like that and i have also learned something new here,Its a nice idea and this step by step instructions on how to combine the various parts of are very useful for people interested in <a href="http://www.nitrotek.it/jet-rc.html" rel="nofollow">pulse Jet powered rc</a> ice racer....... <br> <br>
If you could get your hands on a forklift propane tank it would be optimal. They are a bit longer, a bit narrower and made to run in a horizontal position.
but how heavy are they?
33 lb.
Great project! For summer-time operation you might consider one of these 2 variations. First, fashion pontoons attached to the blades with bows made of sheet pvc to cut thru the water.. The second, attach floatation device to the frame then, attach hydro-foils inplace of the blades. Since this model has the potential of running like a scalded cat the hydro-foils should work with no problem and really race... FAST!. Great work!
it's such a nice idea. I love to build this one <a href="http://www.nitrotek.se/radiostyrda-flygplan.html" rel="nofollow">like this</a>.
Fun, as in MWAHAHAHAH Fun! :D <br>Went to my Blog: <br>http://faz-voce-mesmo.blogspot.pt/2013/02/maquinas-de-pasmar-e-uma-crowdourcing.html
Has anyone ever made a pulse-jet with an effective muffler? <br>
doubtful, but there are thrust augmenters that increase the thrust
Hi! This is a great idea! Please, add some details about the pulse jet construction. Thanks a lot!
can you put that jet on your snowboard?
&quot; Running pulse jets at night pisses off the neighbors as you can hear it from miles away...&quot;<br> <br> <br> hehehehe dont we all love pissing off our neighbours!!<br> <br> Once shot from my big capacitor bank will wake up the neighbourhood too; so I think I'll just read this instructable and imagine the sort of fun one could have with a pulsejet powered racer :) (yes I have had the cops visit when I &quot;detonated&quot; a poor hapless transistor with my cap bank - once is enough!) Peak energy output is around 3.9 kJ, and the report is like a gunshot.<br> <br> I DO like this project however - fun, LOTS of noise and a bit crazy (mabye you can lower the centre of gravity by putting the propane tank below the engine; or do the same but use the smaller camp stove propane bottles).
&quot; Running pulse jets at night pisses off the neighbors as you can hear it from miles away...&quot;<br> <br> Ha Ha Ha! &nbsp; That sounds like the voice of experience!<br> <br> Nice instructable! Thanks for sharing.
Nice! Any videos of it in action? <br>
There should be a link to a video on the first step
I wonder if placing a glass-pack type muffler at the business end of the jet would quiet it down while still allowing sufficient thrust to exit. Glass packs are free-flow and only absorb sound resonating through them. <br> <br>Great Instructable, BTW.
This is the best content I've seen on the internet in years. Awesome!
Was the thrust remote-controllable as well or just the steering? Also, how did you find that servo was coping with steering the whole rig? I'd imagine it would be quite under powered considering the weight of the sled, and I can't see the plastic gears holding up very long. <br> <br>Very cool project btw!
Nice one!
You sirs, are completely insane. <br>Well done ;-) <br>Welcome to the club. <br> <br>I thought skates were of a high carbon steel, so welding them may encourage cracking.
That is awesome. You, sir, are the Wernher von Braun of winter sports.
Whoah, this is my type of instructable!
Does the location of the tank make it turn left at all?
No not at all
This looks amazing, and ridiculously fun. :)
This is incredibly awesome. You should embed your videos so they play in the introduction.
Very interesting instructable, quite clear - a little more info on the construction of the motor would be good. Other than that just a couple of spelling errors - it's &quot;you're&quot; (or you are) not &quot;your&quot;, and &quot;losing&quot; not &quot;loosing&quot;. <br> <br>BTW I have, or can get, all the materials except the ice. I'll have to change the skates to wheels I think ;-) <br> <br>Well done.
Next time I make a pulse jet I'll make an instructable for it. That wont be for a few more weeks though, I'm thinking of a 60 pound thrust version.
That is awesome!!!!
I would suggest for your next project build a ramjet sled. <br>
This is just silly awesome... Featured! <br> <br>Ice, jet engine, remote control....

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