Picture of Pulse Sensor Controlled Tail
Hey everyone!

This Tutorial will go through the Steps of How to create your very own animatronic tail!I've seen many aimatronic tails either controlled by a remote control or set to a continuous sweep code, I decided to make my tail be contrilled by my heart rate!

To get started you will need:

-2 Klixx Balls/Links ( may need more depending on length, seems to have about 50 connector pieces per pack )
-2 Bicycle Brake Cables
-2 or more Boxes of Jumbo Paperclips
-1 Continuous Rotation Servo with "X" Head (* 2 if you want a wider range of motion)
-1 Motor Shield
-1 Pulse Sensor
1 Battery 6V 5Ah ( amp hour)
-1 2" Flat-End PVC End Cap (*2 if you want a wider range of motion)
- Hook-up Wire 
-1 Arduino Uno Microcontroller
-Faux Fur 
-Sewing Supplies: needles, thread, pins, exacto knife or utility knife ( will cut out shape without trimming fur) , etc. I highly recommend a sewing machine.
-Soldering Iron
-Exacto Knife
-Dremel or Drill with Drilling Bits
-Needle-nose Pliers
-Wire Strippers
-Wire Cutters
-Gorilla Glue
-Painter's Tape or Masking Tape


You need to decide before you buy anything if you would just like you tail to have the basic side to side sweeping motion or be able to to do more such as Lift, Tuck, and Wag. For a wider range of  motion you'll need two servo motors, 2 flat 2" PVC caps, and extra Klixx toys.

Also make sure you have plenty of free time to work.

Alright now that you have everything you need let's get started!
myinnerwolf4 months ago

wow that seems...

expensive... i would LOVE to make it otherwise

on 1.4 step i would recomend u wrap electrician black tape around the end where u'ill be cutting so u dont fray the wire.
nik_justine2 years ago
How much did this cost all in all?
mikeasaurus2 years ago
DO you have video of it in action? I feel like that would really help show us how this looks