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Introduction: Pulse: Social Instigator

By nature strangers choose to sit far apart. The ambiguity of this piece creates the illusion of four separate seats, two chaise lounge seats and two bar stool seats. However as soon as two people sit, particularly in the chaise-type seats they can feel the closeness and the ideal position for conversation. Once sitting the comfort locks users in, and conversation is inevitable. All users soon feel they are a part of the whole.

Step 1: Sliced Ribs

The piece was sliced into ribs, 1.5" in width and 2.175" in depth

(the piece was milled out of 3/4" ultra-light mdf, and each slice is actually 3 ply thick - so 3 x .725" - to maximize the machining depth while minimizing the number of ribs)

Step 2: CNC Files

The job was done in 8 CNC mill jobs, 5 - 3ply and 3 - 1ply

One of the 3ply jobs involved a flip mill process (the one with the cross drawn through it, because it is important to establish symmetry by programming symmetrical holes to be drilled to help find alignment once flipped)

Step 3: Exploded Axon

The piece can be broken into 3 pieces so that it can be transported by two people.

4 bars are screwed in to hold it together once in place.

Step 4: Sitting Space

These are the four predetermined sitting spaces, however users are invited to create new ones, as this piece is intended for play, conversation, and new connections between strangers.



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    This is so cool! How did you make it?

    Hi! Thank you!!! I CNC-routed the ribs out of 5 sets of pre-laminated 4'x8' sheets of uldf and then I glued and clamped each group of the 3 chunks. Then I covered it with about 7 tubs of bondo! :) It was quite the process. I think the exploded axon diagram explains it best.

    That's awesome! You should include those files and possibly pictures of that process to your instructable. I'm sure that others would love to see that, I sure do!