We all have a heart. It beats to the tune of our lives, slow one minute and fast the next. When we are excited or stressed it runs fast and when we are relaxing it runs slow. It reacts to emotion and we tend to take it for granted, despite the life it pumps through us every day.

We affect our heart by what we see, what we consume and what we do. Listening to music has an effect on our pulse. The rhythms can transport us to imaginary worlds, calm a troubled mind and cheer us out of melancholy. Music makes our heart beat to its tune. The Pulse of the City plays with this idea. Instead of music affecting the heart rate; the heart rate creates the music. By holding the handles of the heart you can hear your own heartbeat and make music with it.

The handles pick up the electrical signals from your body. Once the heart rate has been measured it uses it to create a unique musical composition that plays to the rhythm of your heart.

This interactive heart has been built for the Bristol UK "BIG Green Week" festival that is taking place in June 2013. This is a fun project and it has turned out as hoped - an engaging interactive experience for the public!