Introduction: Better Pumpkin Teeth, and Eyes

Adding hot glue to some parts and adding light to it (candle, LED, ect in the pumpkin) will make it glow better.

Step 1: You Will Need

hot glue

jack o lantern


Step 2: Start Up

take hot glue (best color would be white or yellow) and for a tooth in the pumpkins mouth (rinse and repeat)

Step 3: Pumpkin, Hot Glue, (maybe LED)

now you'll make 2 eyes and a mouth

in basic terms make hot glue "shields" on the eyes, and the mouth

If you want to you can add a LED if your that good, it will light up the hot glue and make it cooler

In the video I only show how to make the eyes, but you will do the same process as with the eyes.

Step 4: DONE

your done

Step 5: Me Talking, Pictures



gina11 (author)2016-10-30

Great idea! I was thinking that toothpicks might be easier for attaching the "glue-glass" pieces in place? But looks very cool!

Swansong (author)2016-10-26

That's a cool idea, I haven't seen this done before :)

LastPayLoad0 (author)Swansong2016-10-26


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