I was so excited to see the BMK, I decided to build it. But about halfway through the build, I was like, bolt action is cool but I like pump-action even better. So thus, this was created. I love the feel of this pump, and the gun is quite comfortable. Range depends on many variables,, wind, rubberband size, rubberband age, etc. Credit is given to Blue Mullet 2 for creating the epic BMK.

<p>Very nice gun! BTW, what is the BMK?</p>
Thanks! The bmk is a weapon blue mullet made. Not sure if it's still on instructables, if bot it will be on his YouTube.
<p>You are welcome! Okay, I will have to check it out.</p>
Sorry for being non attentive, but what exactly does a pump action do for this fun?
Same thing as a bolt action does, but I like pumping better than pulling on a bolt.
<p>Ah I understand, interesting.</p>
Sick nasty bro
Thanks! . . . . I think?
<p>Not bad bro. You know, I never thought of a PA BMK, so good job. About the only thing I would have done differently is the stock. I think that giving it a M16 look might not have been the way to go, but that is just asthetics, ignore me. =D</p>
Thanks! I didn't know what to do with the stock so I gave it slant. This is my favorite gun I have built right now.

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