I don't really care if you think this is a shotgun or not- that is debatable as it fires 2 shots and not multiple pellets, but that is up to you to decide for yourself. Anyways, onto the Stats: Easy to pump 55-60ft accurately 70ft total 100ft angled Heavy Sags Piece consumer One cut white rod in each mag One sawed in half green rod for trigger Not the best looking
Some real shotguns only fire one thing, it is calles a slug bullet
<p>its pretty nice for knex, you have to admit that.</p>
Meh it seems pretty cool.
np :D
Nice but I'm confused. Y does almost every knex master post a review of a gun but no instructions?
to show that I made it but am to lasy to upload 200+ photos on an iPad
Good one!
Nice job, but somehow it looks a tiny bit messy. Maybe making it less 'pointy' would be nice. <br> <br>A video of the pump action working would be really cool, though, and I voted. :D
Thanks for giving me my 1337 comment lol
Thanks for voting but pointy? Sorry the instructables app won't let me upload videos only pictures
I really like this, and the fact that it is a shot gun is awesome. Good job bro. I really need to try to build a pump action. My younger sister wont leave me alone about it...
thanks well don't go 11 layers like I did - waaaayyyyyyy to many pieces
I will definitely keep that in mind!
yes and the fact that it is really long build time
XD, yeah.
yup but it functions really nicely
wear is the pump action part?
dude - seriously it is the biggest part in the first pic farthest left part of the gun
Nicely done! I deffinitly think this is a shotgun.
Looks cool!
once again... cool!!!

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