Picture of Pump-Action Shotgun V3 (continued)
Since the first instructable was near exeeding the size limit, here is part 2. 

Step 1: Nose/Barrel (continued)

Very easy (in my opinion) to follow.
poil873 years ago
please post mag
There are some problems with the trigger. How exactly does it work?
iforgot3455 years ago
nice gun, the only problem i had with it is the trigger constantlty breaks off working on a mod for that now . . but good job overall.
i used a system where a string is wrapped around a wheel and connected to trigger might help your idea. had same problem too
smashpoe (author)  iforgot3455 years ago
yeah, appearantly the trigger i originally made worked just fine, but whenever i rebuilt it the trigger breaks on me too me, sorry for whatever inconviences there are
all you really have to do is add a block trigger with a string running to the part where the gray rod connects to the trigger i did that and ran perfectly for me
i might post a mag but it might turn out to look like a front handle and detroy the image of a shotgun so i think a small mag would be best or mabye a super thick one that feeds one ill look into it :P happy shotgunning :P
really good gun 5 star im going to make a awesome magazine
the trigger sucks balls
zazakra5 years ago
hi smashpoe, I can't figure out how to put the bands on the gun... can you help me?
smashpoe (author)  zazakra5 years ago
yeah, sorry for the inconveniece dude, umm, well you have to take some pieces of the top to put the full band on
cool bas35 years ago

here is a pic:

smashpoe (author)  cool bas35 years ago
Mr. Muggle5 years ago
no magazine?
smashpoe (author)  Mr. Muggle5 years ago
It was only a four shot,so i left it up to you guys to customize whatever kind of magazine you want on to it
a four shot? what do you mean?
smashpoe (author)  Mr. Muggle5 years ago
the magazine in the picture only has four shots
oh, I see, cool gun anyway!
~Aeronous~5 years ago
 sorry, this sucks, but am modding it to fix it.
KnexFreek5 years ago
 looks cool!!!
~KGB~5 years ago
nice job!
cool bas35 years ago

i love it too!
i thinking about building it

yee love it
knexfreak955 years ago
 nice job