Picture of Pump UP your Peds with Poms!
This gurl purchased a new pair of neon pink running shoes and found some Peds at Target for $1.50 each. 
Because neon is back in, adding hot pink poms to my Peds seemed the natural thing to do.  
Besides, I want to believe they make me run faster and I need all the help I can get.
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Step 1:

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I saw a tutorial on Pinterest for making small poms with a fork.  How fun is that?

Step 2:

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 I changed the directions a bit as I found threading the yarn to tie the pom was easier to place on the fork first instead of last.  So, find a fork, clip a bit of yarn and thread it through the middle prong.

Step 3:

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Wrap the yarn around the fork, then pull up the yarn to tie it.

Step 4:

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Tie it with a secure knot.

Step 5:

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Slip it off the fork.

Step 6:

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Clip the sides of the pom.

Step 7:

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 Shape it by trimming.

Step 8:

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Attach the pom to the back of the Ped by hand sewing it in place.  Admire your Pumped up Peds and go running!