Pump Your Tires With Expanding Foam





Introduction: Pump Your Tires With Expanding Foam

My friend had a punctured pram wheel. As we didn't have any tube patch kit nowhere near, we decided to pump it with expanding foam. The effect is quite spectacular. ;)



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    Wow! That's exciting looking!

    Great experiment. It does expand a lot. Next time try Great Stuff for doors & windows. It expands less.

    Although this was a fail, it is a sound concept. You just need a different material. I worked in an industrial plant that was throwing out a drum of scrap rubber compound. It was a two-part mixture that made some kind of silicone rubber, but was no longer usable. I cut a hole in my tractor's front tires, and filled them up with the stuff. They were heavy (an advantage on a tractor) and you could drive nails in it - would not cause a flat . I did this regularly to freak people out. We'd be standing around the barn chit-chatting and I would idly pick up a 16 penny nail and a hammer and drive it into the tire. Never had another flat, although I ran over thorns, barbed wire, and all manner of sharp stuff.

    Did that to my handtruck a few years back when it decided to stop holding air, despite the can of fix-a-flat I emptied into it. Worked great until I had to go up stairs. Flattened the wheel like it wasn't inflated at all :p
    Was way out in the boonies and didn't feel like driving 20 miles to home depot for a replacement wheel....sometimes you just need to make the drive....ruined the tire and rim

    Ive done that too, the foam soon crunched up and the tire when flat again.

    Thanks for sharing. That's a pretty neat concept, even if it failed.

    I'm curious what happened when you rolled on it. Did the foam hold up at all, or did it just compress or crumble inside?

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    It wasn't really used - my friend had a lot of cleaning.
    But I think that it wouldn't be really useful due to not holding the pressure. If it would be proper sealed so no foam running out and leaving gaps between the rim and the tire then it should be usable.