Introduction: Pumpkin Candle

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Finished project

Step 1: Loading in the Pumpkin

Picture of Loading in the Pumpkin

Import the pumpkin model from here:

Step 2: Putting Words Into the Pumpkin

Picture of Putting Words Into the Pumpkin

Place the text in order so it says "Trick" on the top, "or" in the middle, and "Treat" on the bottom.

After this make the text so it is not solid and group it together.

Math the text up to the pumpkin and stretch it out so it goes midway into the pumpkin.

Create smaller cylinders and remove the floating objects from the text.

Step 3: Creating Corner Shaper

Picture of Creating Corner Shaper

Create a square and place it evenly on 4 tiles.

Then create a hollow cylinder and place it in the bottom left corner of the squares tile.

Group the shapes together and make them not solid.

Step 4: Making the Base Plate

Picture of Making the Base Plate

Add the corner shapers evenly to each of the corners

Rotate them so the curve faces the center and group them together.

Step 5: Adding the Bats

Picture of Adding the Bats

Import the bats from here:

Make them not solid and insert them into the baseplate.

Group all the shapes together.

Step 6: Hollow the Pumpkin

Picture of Hollow the Pumpkin

Create a hollow cylinder and place it into the pumpkin slightly raised so there is still a bottom.

Group both parts together.

Step 7: Grouping Base and Pumpkin Together

Picture of Grouping Base and Pumpkin Together

Select both the base and the pumpkin and align the pumpkin to the center.

Group each part together.

Step 8: Light

Picture of Light

Separately print the light source and place it inside the pumpkin. To give it a nice glow.


Swansong (author)2017-10-19

That's a really cute idea! Do you have any photos of the printed project?

stcajandre1 (author)Swansong2017-11-02

Yes, I do I will Upload them soon. It came out really well.

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