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Introduction: Pumpkin Cocktail

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Pumpkin Cocktail 
Funny thing to call this a pumpkin cocktail because although it looks like one, it has no pumpkin in it.  I’m not a fan of putting pumpkin puree in any of my drinks just for the sake of making it taste pumpkin-ee.  That’s what pumpkin pie is for – right?  Anywho, this cocktail is adorable and very ascetically pleasing. Place it in the center of your party spread. Basically, this cocktail is an amaretto fizz with extra flair; it looks awesome!  And fits into any autumn or Halloween party you may be throwing this year.

Pumpkin Cocktail Recipe
3oz Amaretto Liqueur

3oz Lemon lime soda

3oz Orange Juice

Pour all into a round rocks glass filled halfway with ice.  Slice and orange the long way so it’s a round shape.  Cut a slice of lime, and then cut off the rind, carefully.  Bend that rind in half and place it in the center of your orange round.  Gently place it into your glass on top of the ice, and there you have a beautiful pumpkin cocktail.

NOTE:  If you'd like to make this a non alcoholic beverage - no need to fear!  Simply omit the amaretto liqueur!  Its just as tasty and perfect for the kids. 



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