Pumpkin Face With LED





Introduction: Pumpkin Face With LED

All of you know well Halloween habit to use pumpkin to create scary face with it.

We want to create a very simple pumpkin face for our son and put it into his room. Of course everything is better with LED lights, so I had an idea that instead of candle we going to use LED with battery.

Step 1: Make a Pumpkin Face

I'll keep this step on your creativity and fantasy. But for this workshop I prefer to use small pumpkin.

  1. Remove the top cap with knife.
  2. Use spoon to take out inner material inside the pumpkin.
  3. Use knife to create eyes, nose and mount.

Do not trash the top cap, we will needed for closing the head.

Step 2: Preparation

I've used the electrics components which I had at home. However, this is so simple that you can use what you find at home. I prefer green light, because together with orange pumpkin it is looks really nice.

To make an inner light you will need:

  • 1x LED 8mm green 33000mcd/20° clear
  • 1x resistor 330Ω
  • 2x battery CR2032
  • some wiring
  • soldering station

Step 3: Build Up the Light

The circuit is very simple. I used red wire for + and green for -. Put two batteries CR2023 together and connect one wire on the top (+) and second on the bottom (-). I use just tape to hold it together.

Continue with red wiring and solder it to 330Ω resistor and then from resistor solder the red wiring to anode of LED light (longer foot on LED). Green wiring goes directly to cathode of LED, so solder it. I want to make it simple as possible so there is no ON/OFF switch. However, If you need to turn it off you can disconnect one of the cable from the batteries, because it is not soldered.

Step 4: Finnishing

Because the LED light is too intensive I use a metal bottom of tea candle to hide the LED and battery into it. Then, of course, put it into pumpkin and cover with cap.




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Thank you for the photos with the light covered! It makes it easier to see the electronic components. Very nice idea. How long does the light last, just one night or longer?

You welcome. It worked for more than one week. Then we trow out the pumpking, so it will probably light even longer :).

Design of the pumpkin is made by my wife :).

photo-09.10.16 20:15.jpg

Great looking Jack-o-Lantern. I really like the erie green glow that the LED gives.