Halloween may still be a long way off this year (31st of October same as every year) but thanks to some confusion on my part I thought that was 6 weeks away instead of 10.

I had some discussion with my wife about what her costume would be this year, we came up with the idea of a pumpkin head. I got enthusiastic about the idea and now a week later I've finished the costume and have some time to write an instructable about it. It's good news for you guys because you get a full instructable with enough time to actually replicate it for this years halloween festivities.

This is another cheap job like my other masks, I find I'm getting good with the PVA and newspaper. I also had everything else I needed for this instructable in my cupboard of bits so there is a good chance you will too.
On with the show then....

Step 1: The Materials

Perhaps I should have a stock material page I use for this as I use these basics so often.

You will need:
Newspaper - one or two depending on the number of layers you want.
PVA Glue - I tend to decant mine into a seperate continue so I can water it down as required
Poster Paint - Orange, Green and White. Maybe some black too for shades of colour

Now for the special materials:
Elastic Bands - At least 4 but they will need to be large enough to go over the following balloon.
Punch Ball Balloon - Found in toy shops and also fair grounds when you were a child.

A quick google search reveals lots of places to buy them.
<p>Did you use anything to keep the head steady, so it wasn't wobbly?</p>
<p>Is there anything else I can use exept punch ball balloon? (sorry for bad english )</p>
<p>This is nice! How big did you blow up the balloon to?</p>
Could you also use a 'funkin' if pressed for time?
Could you also use a 'funkin' if pressed for time?
Hurray for pumpkinheads! Now I feel compelled to share this image with you. These are the first three giant papier-mache masks I ever made; the third one, tucked in the back, is my pumpkinhead. Technically, I was dressed as a scarecrow that year, but a scarecrow of the pumpkinheaded variety (I also had a raggedy coat, overalls, and a pair of "scary branch hands" that were pretty awesome).
I like the clown!
My costume for the last two years has been a pumpkin head, but it was the store bought pumpkin masked one, I did some mods like adding LEDs to the eyes, I think you just helped me figure out where I'm going with it this year. Thanks.
Haha, that's really cool. Try to make an Instructables Robot one!
you should try to make one they are simple and cheep to make and fun. Not to mention the pride that you will have something that you made
Why did you turn the punch-balloon inside-out?
So the rubber band would be in the inside of the balloon, which is used to create the initial deformation
Just stick a real pumpkin on ur head - TADA!
I'd have to say this is a cool instructable, and approximately how long did this take you to make?
Thanks very much. I reckon it took me about 4 nights to make but that is largely waiting for the layers to dry around the balloon.
ok, thanks
Wow! I thought that was styrofoam, nice job giving it depth!

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