Pumpkin Head





Introduction: Pumpkin Head

This Halloween after i decided i didn't really want to travel around wearing my BP oil spill clean up costume, i needed another idea. I came up with this project after seeing some foam pumpkins at the local craft store.

This is a really cool and simple project. You could do it in an afternoon.

Step 1: Supplies

For this instructable you will need the following:

1 foam pumpkin that will fit over your head
4 leds
1 2AA battery pack
4 56 Ohm resistors
Hot glue
Red see-through fabric
Black fabric

Step 2: Carve Your Pumpkin

First you want to carve your pumpkin head. I started by cutting out the bottom and making sure my head fit then drawing a basic jack-o-lantern pattern and cutting that out.

Step 3: Harass Your Coworkers

With your new found pumpkin powers, harass your co-workers, especially those wearing shirts with knives on them.

Also if you have time look at a chart about the internet.

Step 4: Make It Comfy

Next you want to make the head more comfy. To do this i used some weather stripping foam and just put it inside the head to make it more cushy and fit better.

Step 5: Make It Light Up

Then you want to make it light up. I did a simple circuit of 4 leds soldered in parallel. Once you have them together, hot glue them into the pumpkin head.

I added extra hot glue around the mouth to simulate saliva.

Step 6: Adding Fabric

So people can't see your eyes, i added some red lace to the eyes and mouth. I also added some black fabric around the base so you can tuck it in your shirt and make it look more legit.

Step 7: Put It On

After that you're pretty much done. Put the head on, add sweatshirt and you're good to go. This costume is a bit on the hot side, so be prepared.

Happy Halloween Everyone!



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    That is very good, but did you think of using a real pumpkin? (I did)


    Wouldn't that be a bit heavy?

    Maybe, I just wondered if you'd considered it.


    reminds me of overlord, with the minions wearing pumpkin helmets xD