This Instructable will show how I made a pumpkin scarecrow. The pumpkin was made out of paper machie, and the body of the scarecrow was made from PVC pipe, palm fronds, and spanish moss.

On Halloween, it is the first thing that trick or treaters see as they approach the front door.

Step 1: Pumkin Mold...

The first thing you need to make your scarecrow is a pumpkin. I real pumpkin would rot once you carve it, and it would be quite heavy, so I made mine out of paper machie.

The first thing I did for my pumpkin was to make a base to put paper machie over. I did this by taking a whole bunch of supermarket plastic bags and sticking them inside of each other until I got an approximate pumpkin shape and size. I then taped some paper towels over this to get an even better shape. I then covered this base with aluminum foil. I have found that paper machie doesn't stick to aluminum foil very well, so this layer will make it easy to remove the paper machie pumpkin once dry.

its like goosebumps all over again
Nice. I reminds me of the one Pumpkinrot did, only his looked like it would reach down and eat you. Yours is waaaay more kid friendly. Google Pumpkinrot if you're not familiar with his stuff.
Pumpkinrot was my initial inspiration to build a pumpkin scarecrow. If you have seen my other instructables, my witches were also pumpkinrot inspired... The stuff Pumpkinrot makes is genius!!!

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