Introduction: Pumpkin Spider

Simple static prop did this a couple years ago, so poorly graphically documented.

You'll need 16 3' sections of one inch pvc, 8 6" pieces, 8 90deg elbows, and 8 45deg elbows.

You can see from the pic how it's assembeled the 6" sections are shoved into the ground to support the legs, the pumpkin is just set on top, with a smaller carved pumpkin used as a head.

Step 1: Add Darkness and a Candle

And you are done


wbvertrieb made it!(author)2013-10-07

Great idea and very easy to implement compared with household objects.

Myself made it!(author)2006-10-04

Looks cool, and you could wrap stuff around the pipe if you wanted to jazz the legs up a little. PVC is hard to recycle though, and it's a common ingredient in lots of projects because it's easy to work. I'd love to see people using alternatives, but cardboard tubes don't stand up well to the weather, and metal pipe, while being infinitely recyclable, is hard to work and rather heavy. Ideas?

the+pvc+bike+guy made it!(author)2009-09-27

I use PVC that the city is throwing out so I'm saving from the dump. X design good going

UltraMagnus made it!(author)2008-07-08

lead pipe is quite easy to work, but unfortunately not easy to find these days. oh well, as soon as we run out of oil i am sure pvc will become prohibitively expensive

Vendigroth made it!(author)2007-05-23


susanfromhauntspace made it!(author)2009-09-24

simple, yet so effective!

Sunny124613 made it!(author)2008-07-08

Hey what about the bugs. Would they eat the inside or make a home in it?

Tool+Using+Animal made it!(author)2008-07-08

It's only out for halloween, and the cold weaher keeps thebugs at bay..

Sunny124613 made it!(author)2008-07-08

Thanks I will ask my dad to find some pvc pipe for me!

iqchicken made it!(author)2007-06-25

How about spray painting the legs with some kind of neon paint and hiding a blacklight nearby for the night time? =)

toogood made it!(author)2007-04-17

g8 idear but dont spiders have 8 eyes ?

coolflame made it!(author)2007-05-26

not all spiders have 8 eyes. that's not true. but all spiders have 8 legs, that's what defines a spider.

Tool+Using+Animal made it!(author)2007-04-17

Yes, they're also not made from pumpkin and pvc ;-)

omnibot made it!(author)2007-05-18

got the right amount of legs, though ;)

CamTron made it!(author)2007-03-28

Fin times, keep it up

uvalacrosse made it!(author)2007-02-18

what is the point of this thing?

Tool+Using+Animal made it!(author)2007-02-18

The point was to win me a subscription to Make in the Halloween contest. But my squid costume ended up winning me that. Caesar, it doesn't "work", it's a static prop and just sits there.

caesar made it!(author)2007-02-08

looks petty cool. but how does it work? wanna make one...

Mr.Devious made it!(author)2006-12-26

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Rednek+Electrition made it!(author)2006-10-23

That is a really cool halloween decoration nice instructable good use of thaught I will do that samething but i will spray paint the legs or maybe cut up one of thse cheap fuzzy black scarfs from the doller store

cyricv made it!(author)2006-10-07

If you have (unlucky enough?) to have many fallen sticks or bamboo in your yard they could perhaps be fastened together with string, hot glue or brackets, it might even provide a nice narled look. Or you could use wooden dowels joined by some type of slot and groove configuration.

RyanPotter made it!(author)2006-10-01

That's pretty sweet-looking, and still extremely easy... Nice instructable!

Crash2108 made it!(author)2006-10-01

Nice instructions.

alexsolex made it!(author)2006-10-01

I like it... this one differ, not a ghost or 'just a pumpkin' :D

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