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This is a stool for TenkaizuBudokai at Ogaki Mini Maker Faire.

Because of the TenkaizuBudokai's regulation, I needed to use 2.5mm thin MDFs to build original stool. So, I tried to make thinness and weakness into flexibility and comfort. Ordinary 'stools' offer very basic, solid and stable feeling. In terms of the seating feeling, this is the quite unique stool, because it can be vended when you actually sit on it. (By the way, I haven't exactly tested how heavy it can stand, haha.) The shape looks like pumpkin from the side and flower from the top. I chose pumpkin as its name.


Swansong (author)2016-11-28

This looks really neat :) Did you take any progress photos while you were making it?

hryktkuch (author)Swansong2016-11-28

Thanks for the comment!

Oops, I have forgotten to take them unfortunately. I have plan to update little details, so I will do that then. Please keep on watching!

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