This cute DIY will give you an autumn feeling even as you're making it! I liked making this project, and I hope you will too. The material is stretchy, so this pattern could fit Tweens to adults. The same pattern is for both feet.
Stitches to know:
Slip stitch
Double crochet
Triple crochet
Single crochet
Puff stitch

Step 1: Materials

1. Orange, chenille green, and black yarn
2. A crochet hook, I used size j

Step 2: Start

Do a magic circle. Ch 4, join with slip stitch, sc 8 into center.

Step 3: Heel

Start by DOUBLE crocheting twice in each stitch for the whole row. Then double crochet twice in one stitch, and once in another and follow this pattern until the end of the row.

Step 4: The Sole, Sides, and the Strap

Sole- Triple crochet once into ten stitches. Then continue for four more rows. When that's done, triple crochet twice into each stitch. In the next row, triple crochet in every other stitch.
Sides- Triple crochet in every other stitch in the edges of the sole, but don't triple crochet on the heel part.
Strap- Do the puff stitch.

Step 5: The Pumpkin

Ch 10. Join with slip stitch. Going back and forth inside the circle, do the puff stitch in one row and single crochet in the second row. Continue until completed. Tie chenille green yarn to the top of the pumpkin. Sew with yarn needle and black yarn. Your slipper is completed. Make another one the same way.
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